FA Blogs

A selection of blogs by flight attendants about their experiences in the sky.


Tampax Towers - Melissa
A blog about flying, food, travel & the expat life outside of Oz. One of the first fellow FA blogs that I discovered.

One of the original & best. While Sodwee isn't flying any longer, be sure to check out the archives & stick around for some awesome music!

Life, As I Know It - Krysta
Canadian living in Dubai & photographing her way around the world.

The Flying Pinto - Sara
Co-host of The Crew Lounge Podcast & a busy flying mum.

Up, Up And A Gay - Bobby
Bringing you the latest news from the flying world.

These Gold Wings - Jet
Adventures of a new-hire FA through training & beyond!

20-Something Flight Attendant - Kristine
Funny, informative blog about flying & fashion.

Welcome to My World- Star
Follow blogger & entrepeneur Star as she follows her dreams as an FA for Qatar Airways.

Another Flight Attendant Writing- Heather
Heather Poole is currently writing a book about her life in the sky.

My View From Up Here - Shelby
Part time F/A, part time Army!!

Another Passport Stamp - Heather

My View From 30,000 Feet

Pink Poodle On the Runway

Journey of a Lifetime - Tam

It's Always Sunny Above the Clouds

 Crew who have moved on to other careers & pursuits, some very cool content out there!

Girl on Tour - Robyn Now writing as Girl on Raw =)

Globetrotter Postcards - Former FA in the Middle East

Flying Camba
Former QR FA now moving on to other things

Blogs no longer updated but with interesting posts.

Once Upon A Dream - Etihad Airways

Deon Does Dubai

Toby Time - Emirates

On Board With Reebs!