June 6, 2006

Airline application update...

Sooo.... yesterday I interviewed again with the regional.... and.... today they told me I am in to next round!! Yay!! So more medical tests (ew, yes I know, but a necessary evil I guess)

I really like these people, they were so laid back and relaxed, and unlike the Major Airline, are not messing around and keeping people guessing.

Earlier today, Major Airline's recruitment dept called me to ask why hadn't I done my medical test yet. What the?! I explained that yes, I did it 3 or 4 weeks ago, and someone had actually acknowledged that a couple weeks ago.... she said 'oh ok thanks then bye' and hung up before I could ask anything else.... I want to e-mail them and ask does this mean they lost my papers or something.... arrrrghhhh...

So I sat down tonight and wrote a list to help me think it through. As much as I love the idea of flying for the Major, going overseas etc (HK, here we come, Spin, InsomniacFA!) I have to admit the regional may be the better choice. What do you think??

Tray's Pros & Cons List for Top 2 Airlines

Regional Airline

Pro: full-time job (i.e. security/guaranteed income
Con: No international travel
Pro: Paid holiday/sick leave
Con: Small(er) aircraft
Pro: Staff travel/interline agreements
Con: fewer crew (= more work - not that that's necessarily bad)
Pro: home most nights or days (i.e. no really long tours of duty)
Con: Few layovers (less allowances, less 'sightseeing' etc
Pro: max duty of around 10 hours, averaging 8
Con: shorter trips (= more work in less time)/ lots of sectors in one day
Pro: Support if you want to pursue education/further career development
Pro: Can request some days off, buddy bid etc

Major Airline

Pro: travel internationally
Con: contract work (i.e. less ecure, could be laid off if things go bad in industry, not many rights as for fulltime FAs)
Pro: Great pay rates/Allowances/Can do extra overtime
Con: Not guaranteed work in 'low' season, Fulltime get first pick
Pro: 'glam' factor (e.g bigger aircraft, more crew, business/first class etc)
Con: No staff travel for casual/contractors. At ALL.
Pro: longer trips/more layovers (sightsee etc)
Con: Possibility of having a fixed term of employment (e.g. good but still fired at end)
Pro: Possible progression into parent airline at a later date (very small chance but there)
Con: Longer duty times (Up to 14 hours)
Pro: Can make money on allowances, duty free, etc
Con: No bidding/buddy flying/ company dictates your life at work

Hmmmmm. Seems there's more 'glam' in the international one, which would be great.... but... being realistic... it seems the regional seems to tick the essential 'lifestyle' boxes.....

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