December 7, 2008

When is 'large' too large?

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Heather recently made a rather controversial post regarding passengers on aircraft, who are on both sides of the Weight Debate: i.e., how 'large' is too 'large'. Opinions are quite divided and aside from stating that I have my own personal opinions, that's all I'll contribute. It's an interesting conundrum, that's for sure.

Now it seems that Phillipine Airlines are weighing in on the issues (No pun intended, of course). It seems they won a legal battle with one of their crew whom they considered to be too large to operate safely on the aircraft.

I know each country has its own rules, so it would be interesting to see if the outcome would have been the sae had it been say, AA or British Airways. In Australia, I believe the carrier could win the case so long as they could prove that the crew member's weight did, in fact, present an actual safety risk.

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