February 5, 2009

Slow Week So Far... and Planning #6

Well I am temporarily grounded (no nothing bad) and making the most of the time on the ground. Unfortunately, this first part of the month has been decidedly unglamorous, and I've been getting things done such as:

* Cleaning out under the bed
* Sorting wardrobe
* Filing papers
* Trying to find warranty papers
* Chasing up said warranty people now laptop is having problems
* Endless phone tag with computer people
* Washing, mending & ironing uniform bits & bobs
* Cleaning house & car

But, the rest of the month is looking very fun, lots of parties, people's birthdays and outings on. Will also catch a concert at some point as well.

This week, the best thing is, I will be in Perth at the same time as my fellow blogger (and FA) the lovely Mel, mistress of TampaxTowers!!! Woot!! Hoping to meet up for coffee & chat, and if the plans work out (I'm sure they will Mel!) this will make her the #6 Blogger on the TT list of bloggers I've met in Real Life. (#6, but by no means unimportant- she's a girl from my own town!!!)

So, once I have got all the boring stuff out of the way, the fun stuff begins with another meetup. YAY!!


  1. Sure do sympathise re laptop problems. My warrenty expired 13 days ago.

  2. Laptops are so handy but everything always seems to go wrong with them compared to a good old desktop PC.

  3. TO DO :

    - Meet up with Mel.
    - Get a mac.


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