April 26, 2009

A Little Blog Tweak...and a Good Read for Crew

Just to let you know, below the blogroll I have added links to 'Airportal', an e-magazine made by crew, for crew. (Ok, or for fans of crew!)

I had it on the blog since the start, but as it was at the bottom of the screen, and the blog is so long now, I thought I'd 'bump' it up closer to the top. It really is a good read, and a brilliant job by the girls considering they write it while flying long haul!

You can also join the Liz & Julie fan page on Facebook, where the girls are putting together the sequel to "You For Coffee, Sir?!", titled, "Let's Get Trollied!" Well worth it for a long haul flight, or those boring reserve days. Plenty of crew shenanigans and 'secret hostie's business' in there!

Hoping to make a few small changes to the blog over the next few weeks, and just improve it a little, seeing as I have neglected it a little during the Laptop Downtime.

Also, a welcome to a new blogger (well, new to me!) 'M' of Aviation Crazy, longtime poster to blogs such as Airboy and Tampax Towers. Check it out for some cool aircraft photos. Believe me, it is not so easy to get pretty photos of these flying machines, and to get decent composition to boot!

Welcome to the blogroll! =)


  1. Hurray ! "M" is all over the place these days ! I knew M had a flickr account but didn't think he had a blog of his own ! He goes straight to my blogrollllll too !

  2. I'll have to check it out. I'm already amazed at how many "flyers" are in your blog roll.

  3. Airboy, at first I was confused because I thought 'M' was Mel! hehehe... it makes so much more sense now!

    Dorrie, it's amazing... when I starteed blogging in 2005 (well, I started before then, but I mean on JS) there were hardly any other aviation bloggers around. Now we are pretty much our own community!

  4. What do you mean they do it on the long haul flights, should they not give there every waking moment undivided attention to the demanding passengers!!!!! lol :-)

  5. Lol Stu, they wrote it downroute & on reserve days... =P


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