May 2, 2009

Spotlight On: Etihad Airways

Well it's been awhile since I've done an 'airline profile', and which better to start on than the one I've been readinng about lately, hoping to join once they start hiring again.

Etihad Airways is the Middle East's newest premium carrier, gaining a lot of attention with new routes and expansion plans in the middle of the economic crisis.

Etihad, (or EY according to IATA) is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates (not Emirates as is commonly thought) and is based in the city of Abu Dhabi. EY is a young airline, started in 2003 by royal decree, to become the best premium carrier in the world.

I first heard of Etihad when a friend of mine (also a blogger and met at a recruitment day for another airline) applied for them, and got accepted on the same day of the interview to work for them. She moved over to Abu Dhabi for a couple of years, and sent me regular updates of where she was going and all the cool things she was seeing.

I'm interested in Etihad because they seem like a place I want to be. The airline is still in the biggest growth phase, meaning lots of opportunities for someone who wants to be a career airline person, with many jobs able to move 'sideways' into once flying is done with. They look after their crew, providing accommodation and other benefits when at work. Plus, I think I'm ready for an adventure, to live in another country and leanr more about my world and all the people in it. I'd be totally out of my comfort zone of course, but I think that is what I need.

Ok, enough from me, I will let pics and videos speak for themselves!

Slideshow of various Etihad photos. I think the uniform is cute, though could be a LITTLE snazzier.

This is the first time I've gotten a clear look at the Purser/SFS/Cabin Manager uniforrm.I knew they wore a different scarf, but I didn't know they don't have the veil on the hat, they have a shawl-collared jacket, and the uniform is the paler grey. I actually really like it, and think it would make an awesome uniform for all of the crew. I especially love the printed scarf:

EY also provide crew with a Fit2Fly crew centre, to work out, relax and get beauty treatments. Cool! It's hard work to keep oneself fit and healthy when living the flying lifestyle!

And this long, but cool, promo video by EY:

Etihadd plan to have 20 A380 by 2015, expanding to many cities across the globe. For this, they will need many crew, and hopefully, I might be one of them, seeing new things, meeting new people and experiencing life in a different land! =)


  1. Sounds like a fun spot to work. I have a couple of cronies in Abu Dhabi & they like it alot. They reckon it has a real buzz about it because i is expanding so quickly - wouldn't want to stay there too long though. On the other hand - you could marry a rich sheik!

  2. God, the video is a bit cheesy though!

  3. Good luck getting an exciting new job.

  4. I hope I didn't in any way, have anything to do with this! LOL. Etihad is one of the nicest airlines out there, and I love their uniforms. They are especially nice when on board :)

  5. Sorry I forgot to comment earlier, having FA experience you probably stand a very good chance. Who knows I may just photograph you as a EY FA one day :).

  6. I really wish I was younger and could sign up, too.... :-(

  7. hey! good luck always! like your blog!

    I changed my blog address, now is:

    See ya!

  8. Have you ever considered working for Emirates? Though they aren't hiring now, would think of joining them in the future? If not, why?

    Etihad is a great carrier, good luck with them!

  9. L, why a sheik when I could try for a man of your inimitable style & class? :P

    Kimmy, you should know the airlines are all about the cheese!!!

    Thanks Larry!

    AC, I have been interested in EY long before I found your blog, don;t worry! I would definitely get the whole crew in for a pic for your collection =)

    Dorrie, just imagine it!! All that travel, but then you'd miss all the fun stuff with the kids...

    Thanks GoT, not looking too good at the moment, later in the year maybe.

    Anonymous #1- thanks for letting me know. Glad the comments got fixed, I couldn't post any for quite awhile.

    Anon #2- I did try Emirates for a long time, but they have since put me off by means of a very rude recruitment tactic. EY it is, they seem to treat their staff more as people and not just a number!

  10. OMG I want the Fit2Fly room! Maybe when I get sick of this job I can open one up...

  11. hope to see you here soon! =)


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