June 1, 2009

Nos pensées sont avec eux

Just saw on the news ticker that an Air France jet has gone missing over the ocean near Brazil. It is now overdue landing in Paris by hours. Really hope this is some sort of mistake and maybe they managed to force a landing somewhere out of radar coverage and radio range.

The worst aspect of this is, if something has indeed gone very wrong, and the plane is lost, this is not some mickey mouse third world airline. Thoughts aare with the crew, passengers & their families.


  1. Yeah - bad News indeed - saw your tweet, then checked the News. Fingers crossed for them

  2. Not looking good, AF say fuel on board would have run out by now... :(

  3. Debris reported sighted. Recovery of FDR will be critical. Believe this is first ETOPS fatality.

  4. Very sad. Thoughts are with everyone touched by this tragedy. Honest, as crew, the first things you think of are what the crew must have had going through their minds if they even had time.


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