September 30, 2009

Blogging Live from Adelaide!

I'm sitting at gate 19 of Adelaide's lovely new airport terminal building, awaiting my 2nd flight with Tiger Airways.

The reason I'm loving being online right now is that I'm not on my smartphone (which although great to type on is not so good for blogging) but my trusty EeePC netbook. I've been 'surfing the webs' for the last 3 and a half hours courtesy of Adelaide Airport's FREE wifi access throughout Terminal 1. BRILLIANT!!! All I can say is, BEST. AIRPORT. EVER. I have to say in the Internet aspect, they even beat out Singapore's Changi Airport (TOUGH GIG!) -because you can use your OWN computer with the provided wifi. So far, I haven't been able to do that with my own laptop.

I've been happily doing work, sending emails & organising my iTunes library. Hey, if it means I pay an extra $5 tax every time I fly here on a bought ticket, so be it!

Currently, I'm gathering thoughts for my Tiger Airways Trip Report (TR).

Unfortunately photos aren't as forthcoming, being as it's been nighttime sectors, and the Tiger staff seem unusually camera shy for an airline who have their own tv show.

Got to go, time to board!!! Wish me luck...

Stay tuned for the TiGRRRRRRRRR trip report


  1. I need to find some wi-fi spots!

  2. looking forward to the Tiger trip report!!

  3. interesting.. up here in western Canada most of the airports I've ever been to have fully free wifi. When I'm picking someone up I'll often go early to our local airport to sit and study with my laptop, it's great.

  4. Hi - responding on behalf of Adelaide Airport Ltd. Thanks for the feedback - always good to know when we're doing things better than the rest! We have a great set-up with Internode. I might even mention your note in AAL's internal newsletter (if that's OK with you) - our staff always appreciate the positive feedback.


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