November 1, 2009


I've been a very negeelctful blog owner lately... so sorry to my faithful readers! There's a lot going on at Casa de Tray at the moment, but I'm hoping to have some new posts for you very soon. It's been some eventful flying lately, with some medical emergencies, lots of roster changes as well as plenty of interesting work gossip! There's been so many things to blog about, but sadly just no time. It's a sad truth that if one is not making money from writing a blog, that earning money must take priority... but rest assured that I haven't forgotten this completely!

Stay tuned for more from TT!


  1. ah, no time.... sounds familiar :-(

  2. House of the tray ;) time is the essence of life busy times with lots to write about then there are times of slow and nothing to write about

  3. your forgiven...just glad I'm not the only one;-)

  4. Well, we'll just have to meet up more so I can keep up with all the dramas n happenings! =D


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