November 13, 2009

eeeeEK! What to Do For an Airline Assessment Day

Over the last few years I've dished out a lot of advice on how to get through the circus that is airline recruitment. There's never any hard and fast rules, as everyone is different, but the general principles are the same. You can do a search for the 'interview' tag elsewhere on my blog.

Recently, I was contacted by a flight attendant hopeful, who was worried because she had just gotten the much-hoped for invitation to assessment day for a major airline. Kim has given me permission to share some of her emails with you in the hope that other FA wannabes can find some helpful information from her experience.

KIM: Why I have decided and taken this weird chance and emailing you, as Airline is having an Open day this Saturday in --------. I have been going to the Open days since I was 18 years old with other friends who could register. It's been a lengthy wait, but very worthwhile. I went last year, however was rejected as I was underage. Just emailing you for some advice

TT: Thanks for writing to me, I'm always glad to hear that people enjoy my blog.

My best advise for a resume is to keep it very neat and no longer than 2 single pages (1 side on 2 different sheets)

What experience have you had that would help you as a flight attendant? If you've had a job that lets you face customers, great! Put that down. If not, then what have you done in other areas? For example, in school you may have been on a team for an assignment. Or maybe you have done some babysitting. Highlight things you have done that give you responsibility, or where you've helped others. You could use just about any sort of job and relate it to being a flight attendant. Don't worry that you haven't been a flight attendant before, it doesn't matter! They just want to know that you like people and you have ambition to do well.

When I started out, I looked on the internet for examples of cabin crew-specific resumes. has a good 'Jobs' area with some tips as well. And you could also go to one of the job agencies for tips, or even use a book from your local library for advice. (Just make sure that it's not too old). I've used templates from Microsoft Office and adjusted them so they fit- adding in my own information. Just remember to keep it simple- the recruiter can always ask you for more information!

On resumes, cover letters & photos:

To be honest, at the open day the recruiters will not read the cover letter- I have seen people give them cover letters before and they really don't look at it. If they like you, they will ask you to tell them why you want to work for them (all things you mention in your letter) at the interview stage. So it would be best to keep it to just the resume plus the photos, nicely set out.

Colour isn't a problem if it's for things like headings, and if it makes it clearer to see things than if in black and white. Maybe print one of each and see which looks more effective. Sometimes simplest is best.As for paper, white is always best as it's simple and they don't need to see fussy, just professional.

If you haven't already, learn some facts about the airline from their website, so you may know answers to any questions they might ask the group on the first part of the Open Day. And above all, relax and SMILE! :)

KIM:Thank you for helping a stranger. You have given me great and specific advice and will let you know how the day goes!! Reallly excited and nervoussssss! hehe but will remember to Relax and Smile :)

A few days went by and then I got this email from Kim:
Hey TT!!!
You are my lucky charm :) honestly! without your help I wouldn;t have gone this far :)
Well guessssss what! I went along Saturday, there were approx 300 people, got through to the assessment day which was yesterday and now I have made it through to the final interview which is going to be on Wednesday at 4:00pm!!!! OMMMMGGG! I am wrapped, now can I ask u some questions about the final interview if you don't mind? Like how should my behaviour be? I should be myself? What type of questions they might ask?

TT:Just be yourself, think before you speak and remember that when we are nervous, we all speak faster than we think we do. So just remind yourself the recruiters want to know about you- just pretend you are talking to someone at the desk in Centreliyour office. Don't give too much information, just answer what they ask you. If they want to know more, they will ask. E.g. What did you like about working at yor office, you could say 'I enjoyed being able to help people when they were having problems'. If they ask why, you could say something like 'It made me feel I was doing a good job' or 'I like to help others and especially be useful'.

Think about all the jobs you have had and what they might ask you about them. Think about times you might not have done as well as you should. Don't be afraid to admit making a mistake in your job, as long as you show that you have learnt from it. You could say what you would do differently now in the same situation.

And don't worry if you're nervous, just tell them you are, they will understand- everyone is! If you need to come back to a question, ask if you can think about it and have another question in the meantime.

KIM:Hey! I did it, I was nervous, did become calm after sometime, they made me do a test after the interview (which last like 25 mins) is that bad? i'm worried now :(

TT:I wouldn't worry too much about the test, usually they pick random people and it's just to see how you work at a problem. If you were on your own they probably want to see how you go about solving a task and work to a time limit. If you had a group it would just be again like the assessment day, seeing how you work in a team.

In my company everyone did a quiz to see our personality, it's nothing to worry about! Well done, all you can do now is relax and wait to hear back. Did they give you a time frame when they will contact you by?

KIM:Hey heyyyy! I'm sooooooooooo happy I got my golden call this afternoon after 11 days from my interview, my DOJ is -------! Can't wait! Got to get all the medical done now!! Just wanting to thank you soo much for being there with me through this journey! :)

TT:I'm so pleased for you! Well done!!! What good news!

Best wishes to Kim as she embarks on her new career in the skies. Be sure to keep us posted on how you are doing. Maybe even start your own blog, eh? ;)


  1. Is she leaving for the sandpit ?

  2. Congratulations to her! And to you, there are a lot of good hints there. Really enjoy the blog!


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