December 8, 2009

Ask the FA- Recap

As you may know, I've recently teamed up with the lovely gals from Aussie company Ciao Bella Travel to write a Q&A for their newsletter. CBT have a great range of travel gear as well as lots of information to help you plan your next trip (or help you daydream those last few hours away on a Friday afternoon!)

The next newsletter will be out soon, so for those of you who might have missed it, here's the first edition of "Ask the Flight Attendant".

Q) Why do I have to open my window blind during takeoff and landing?

A) Believe it or not, this is one of the most common questions passengers ask. There are some urban legends out there about why this has to be done, but believe me, they're NOT true! It can also be annoying if you've just woken up and the sun is really bright, or it's hot outside and you want to stay in the shade- but safety comes first.

The simple reason is, window blinds must be open at these times so that if anything is happening outside the plane that shouldn't be happening, the crew can know what is going on. You might wonder how the crew would know when they are sitting down near the doors for landing. Well, that's where passengers come in. If anything really drastic is happening outside (for example, a fire) we're pretty sure that you will let us know about it! There are also systems built into the plane itself that will inform the pilots if any kind of malfunction is happening.

If you're an uneasy flier, rest assured that the chances of anything bad happening on your flight are minimal. And if you DO see something that you think isn't right- please tell the crew. You might feel silly, but we appreciate it that you're looking out for our safety too. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, whatever you've seen is normal. If this is that one time it's not normal, then telling us means we can do something about it.

Once we've taken off, feel free to close the window shade & enjoy your flight!

If you want to score yourself some fab goodies, head over to Ciao Bella Travel & check out all the lovelies on offer! Soon we're hoping to bring you some fab offers and of course you can also click on 'Become a Member' to receive the latest info right to your inbox, stylishly as always!



  1. This is great- I always wondered myself. I figured it was safety, but never knew for sure- Now I do!

  2. Glad I could help your curiosity! :)


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