April 2, 2010

Did I Just See Sharon Stone..?

Recently, I was required by my company to deadhead to another base to operate a trip as they were short of crew due to sickness. Now usually when we travel as passengers for work, they try to put us in the premium area. Unfortunately, because they were short-crewed, some flights had been cancelled and combined into one, meaning more passengers in those seats. So my fellow crew members and I made the trip in economy. I don't mind economy, it's fine if you're prepared, but it was annoying to be in economy when we saw some of the people who DID make it into the premium section. One was a lady who I thought was a fare-paying passenger, but actually turned out to be on a staff ticket.

As Sky High Boy has mentioned on his blog, there's certain rules & restrictions when staff use their travel benefits. One of these things includes dress codes, and this girl certainly didn't meet them. Let's just say that hooker heels and skin-tight dresses are not appropriate attire for travelling on any kind of staff ticket, even if she was going on holidays. Every time there was someone waiting to use the lav, I was cringing inwardly when she shifted in her seat or uncrossed her legs, wondering if they were getting a good view of her breakfast. It was SO inappropriate! I actually marvelled that the cabin manager didn't say anything!

So, it kind of sucked to spend a flight in a middle economy seat surrounded by babies and having my seatback kicked when I knew that I was wearing the right clothes- and should have been seated there ahead of that girl who was wearing the wrong outfit. But I guess in a way it was good, because it reminded me what flying is like for the passenger and how to be more patient with them when they get upset about seat space, crying babies or their smelly neighbours!


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  2. I've always wondered why there is a dress code when using staff travel for personal reasons. To the pax you're just another bum on a seat. They have no idea how much you paid or how you got the ticket, just like they have no idea if i'm an award, discount or full-Y.

  3. Chris, believe it or not, they know. Boy do they know!! I should amend, they know who the staff are, as in people who actualy WORK for the airline. Often they have no idea about the family members using staff tickets.

    The idea is, you keep up a nice image, just in case someone does work out who you are- or in case you're needed to help out in some way, at least you still look professional.

    There are lots of ways passengers can tell. Often, frequent flyers will greet me if they know me, even if I'm not in uniform. Sometimes we have to travel with crew baggage, which has a certain appearance. And other ways which not all of the frequent flyers will reveal, but any of them allude to the fact that we still "scream cabin crew" even when we're not in uniform.

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  5. I kno exactly what u sayin...annoyin isnt it? Some airlines wont let u travel premium even if u dead-heading.


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