February 20, 2010


Hello readers! I know it has been a few weeks since I've blogged. It's not really a good reason but suffice to say that a hugely busy flying schedule plus other issues going on have put the kybosh on blogging for ahwhile.

Currently my two biggest priorities are:

1) Sleeping
2) Recovering my hard drive which coincidentally the computer died right after its first birthday- typical isn't it!!!

I'm remaining hopeful that all is not lost, however as is often the case the computer decided to die right when I'd gone the longest without backing up. I don't think it's the computer itself, but a software update which didn't agree with it.

So, until my internet connection speeds up, blogging will be experiencing Irreguler Operations until further notice.


  1. I feel your pain. Blogger Girl just had to get a totally NEW puter, and I have had several serious issues-- no PROBLEMS -- with mine.

    I did lose a half year of work in the beginning of 2007--photos, files, documents -- whole nine yards (or is it meters in Oz?) ]

    I back up pretty frequently these days :-)

  2. Oh no! I've had the worst luck with PC's doing the same thing (dying after it's 1st birthday!) Then I finally bit the bullet and got a mac and so far sooo good. Hey and you can probably get the harddrive removed and put in a casing and use it on another PC if you haven't done it already? x

  3. Thanks Andi!

    Fin, I know, it ONLY happens when I've been lazy with the backing up. Luckily, a tech-head crewmember helped me out and says I should get my pics back!

    VP, I will! :)

    GoR- GOnna try that if the reboot fix doesn't work!


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