May 26, 2010

Giveaway Time!!!

That's right my loyal readers, FINALLY, I have managed to get off my butt & get around to posting a givaway to cheer us Southern Hemisphere people up from the fact that winter is here (boo)

So, without further ado, here is the giveaway. (It's not much, but I wanted to gauge how much interest there is in this kind of thing before I offer some bigger things)

Traytable's Fantastic Retro FA Giveaway

Up for grabs is this ultra-cute Barbie (TM of Mattel, please don't sue me!!) flight attendant outfit in retro style. Outfit is brand new & still in box.

Whether for yourself (inner child) or a friend/cousin/niece (actual child) is up to the winner. This outfit includes a dress, hat, scarf, boots & wheelie bag. Obviously giveaway is not for a doll, but I'm sure they're easy to come by!

All you have to do to be in the running:

1. If you're not already, become a fan, then suggest my Facebook fan page to any friends you think might dig it

2. Let me know you've done it. Comment on my Page wall, Tweet it, blog it. Bonus entry if you LINK to it in said entry. (If you blog it be sure to let me know the link as well.) You CAN Tweet/post/comment more than once, but in the interests of fairness only ONE 'regular' entry and ONE bonus entry per person will count. Contest is open until Wednesday, 2nd June at 2300 AEST (Sydney time). Winner will be drawn at random. I will pay postage to the winner.

Contest is for fun only & TT accepts no responsibility for... legal legal, yada all know what I mean!!!! :P


  1. I became a fB fan!

    PS. I love your blog. I'm an Aus expat living in the states, and L-O-V-E good Aussie blogs!

  2. love your blog! sorry have no facebook!

  3. Done. We have an 11mth old who would love this barbie!

    She is free to be whatever she likes to be in this world. However, her Dad would not be disappointed if she became an FA or Pilot given he is an aviation nut :)

    Regards, @ultimate_escape (formerly @pilot_adviser).

  4. Hi. I'm ann I really enjoyed reading your blogs it helps us a lot. Thanks! Being a flight attendant is my dream when i was a kid. and hopefully soon I can live with that dream. I just wanted to ask fa of doh do they still do there training on dxb? how long do they stay there and Do they need to pass through immigration and do some stuff like eyescan hope you can help me by this thanks :)


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