August 31, 2010

A Great Hotel Service Experience

All too often, we only hear about the bad service our friends, or colleagues, received while travelling, dining or shopping. As someone who works in the service industry myself, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. I'll always try to at least thank/appreciate the person who gave me the good service. I do prefer to pass on my compliments in writing, as often this assists the employee in later career moves such as getting a promotion or salary raise. It also motivates the employee to keep on giving that great service, especially if they seldom get compliments.

On to my experience.

Once, when I spent a good deal of time in another city for work, I had packed a teddy bear in my luggage. (I know I'm not the only 'grown-up' to do this!) The teddy lived on top of the bed during the day while I was out and about or away working.

A few days into my stay, I came 'home' to find that Teddy had taken up residence on the couch, tv remote in hand. Odd, I didn't remember leaving him there!

The next evening, he was soundly tucked up under the covers, asleep.

The third day, sitting atop the (closed) toilet with a magazine in hand.

Clearly, someone in Housekeeping had a sense of humour!!

It really brightened my day to find out what teddy was up to next, he made full use of that room while I was gone, that's for sure! I don't know if it was just one employee, or several, but it was the best thing I've ever had done for me in a hotel. Needless to say I left them a nice tip, a note and some candy for their trouble. I hope they kept the note. My only regret is not forwarding a copy to their managers.

Have you ever had an awesome "above and beyond" service in a hotel, or other place? Leave a comment, or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter.

(Photo: Google Images)


  1. That's so sweet! I have had great service but nothing personal like that.

    I have a teddy too... well, a stuffed moose with a Canada hoodie. <3

  2. awwww....cute cute! love their warm hearted gestures :) How nice that you acknowledge these secret spirits =D

  3. @Krysta
    I have the same kind of thing but a beaver instead! hihi

    hihi so cute!
    I worked in hotels and still ^^ and usually the housekeepers are "crazy cute" to do such things, but they don't.
    'Cause of the company rules =( And we never know how the guests will react too, so....

    Anyway... you are so lucky!
    Enjoy the memory, doesn't happen often in big hotels.


  4. i chuckled really loud while reading this post :)


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