December 3, 2010

Once & For All...

To answer the age-old question...

Q. If three people are sitting in a full row on the plane, who gets the middle armrests?

A. The person in the middle. Why? Because the person in the window gets to lean their head on the window, and the person on the aisle gets the aisle armrest and to lean out into the aisle* every so often. The sucker in the middle gets nothing but the solace of leaning their elbows on the two middle armrests to ward off the fat spillover of two complete strangers.

(*But please, not when the beverage cart is in the aisle)

Yes, I have had to have this discussion with passengers on board. And yes, they were all (outwardly at least) adults.

If you have any other airline "mysteries" you'd like solved, leave a question in the comments!

Image: Prop airline chairs from the tv series "LOST"- from Google Images


  1. LOL! I can't believe adults even have to ask this!

  2. I'm glad to know the definitive answer to this. I always just had a violent fight with those on either side of me, if I didn't get the window as I wanted.

  3. I'm amazed at what people complain about as if there's nothing more important! geeeez

  4. I flew for years for my job and saw this kind of thing every week. The difficult thing is when the person is sitting in the middle seat between two very large passengers who spill over into the middle seat space. Terrible thing that is.

  5. People sitting in the middle seat with no room on either side and no leg room tend to get grumpy. It seems to me that the seats get smaller and closer together while people are growing larger all the time.

  6. Thank you for seconding my thoughts on this. For the love of God people, toss the poor middle seaters a bone and give them the armrests. I would also like an etiquite lesson for those passengers ( yes you men) who splay their legs into others leg space. The advanced lesson can be the bring your seatback up while eating..

    We can teach Jettiquite 101!!


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