January 12, 2011

Picking Up

Collecting used glasses, cans etc in the cabin-

I pick up a tray in each hand, a glass of juice is still on the table. I'm about to tell the lady that I'll come back in just a second for the juice.

Lady: "Hey hey you forgot the juice"

Me: "Madam I will be back in a moment to take your glass."

I take the trays to to galley and come back (now with free hands) to take the glass. As I'm leaning over to pick up the glass:

Lady: (angrily) "Hey you lazy, you need to pick up the juice"

Me: (In my head): Give me a freaking chance and maybe I WILL pick up the juice!!

Seriously people, give your flight attendant a chance to do something before you berate him/her for not doing it. Odds are, they know what you're about to ask and are going to do it. Telling them off for not doing it before you've even waited to see if they're going to do it will just make them annoyed with you, and slower to come back next time. Free tip for you... :P


  1. That's so rude! I give you props for not slapping her!

  2. Well now that woman wasn't raised right or is rebelling from her raising. I hope she has a nightmare soon that requires her to pick up a glass of OJ and walk it up the isle only to come back and have it still on the tray; Pete and repeat!

  3. Hope she dies soon! Happy 2011 TT!

  4. Lermontov - that's a little bit harsh.

    People can be rude but the best way to deal with them is be as nice as possible. Then hopefully they'll regret what they've done and have trouble sleeping ghtat night.

  5. Yikes! Rude passengers are just so infuriating! I can't stand the ones that get mad at me for not taking their garbage during meal service... Like HELLO?! Would you like it if I handed you a meal with hands that were been holding trash?

    Fun post as usual! Thanks :)

  6. Thanks for the comments guys. This one was definitely a 'slap her in my imagination' scenario!!!

    Dan, knowing Lermontov as I do, this is just his usual style of humour. He's not meaning it literally.... :P


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