December 26, 2005

Getting presents...

Well, let's just say some people got exactly what they deserved for Christmas... >:)

I had a good weekend. I had to work some of it, but that was ok, as it gave me an excuse to avoid the mental-ness that infects my family by about Saturday arvo. Going to see the nephews later today, by which time hopefully they'll have calmed down a tad, or stopped fighting, whichever I want more.

I came out of it quite well actually, the holiday fund is looking ok, not too shabby at all, so perhaps I may just get away for a little vacation somewhere by say, July or August.

Work's been very cruisy, people are past the "ohmygoditschristmasintwodays" mad rush they've been in, and are quite laid back,friendly and chatty which is good for us.

I got an email from a Certain Medium-Sized Middle Eastern Airline, who I had applied for about 6 months ago and they invited me to Sydney for an interview. I couldn't go but they said they would assess my application further after I completed some more questionnaires for them. They said maybe they would ask me to go to (city) for an interview at their expense (unusual, no?) Well anyway just in time for Chrissie, they sent me an e-mail to tell me they had decided against this and that I was not successful with getting a position or (logically this should be first, right?) an interview.

I'm not worried though as this was the airline that someone 'warned' me about, where the girls get treated pretty badly and don't last long, and some pretty dodgy stuff goes on. (Besides, I quite like my city at the moment, it's a good travel hub, lol..) :p If they'd have invited me, I'd still have gone for the interview, lol, for the free trip, but I would have been likely to decline... hehe..... the plus side would be I would have been in a city close to where VP is living, so it would be a matter of a quick trip up there to see her..... oh well....

Anyway, better steel myself for a Nephew Assault Attack, and go up to my sister's place... spend the next three hours assembling various pressies they can't be bothered doing themselves, and seeing them on a suger-hangover... fun....

Hope all had a good weekend!!! :D

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