February 5, 2006

Huh? Say what?

Ok... this had to make me laugh...

Ages and ages ago, when I was first applying for all the airlines, I applied to just about every airline you could think of (that I was eligible for). One of them was an international carrier based in (Middle Eastern City)*.

A few months ago, they had sent me an email requesting me to update my details. After having done some more research, I decided i no longer wanted to work for this airline, so I didn't renew my application. This was followed by an email from them saying 'no longer eligble, blah blah blah...'

Well last week another friend of mine got an email inviting her for an interview in Sydney. Yesterday I got one, asking me to provide my details as they wanted me to fly over for an interview.

What the? Um... hello..... what happened to 'no longer eligble'... etc etc...

This fits with the rumours they are desperate for crew as girls are leaving after three or four months... just as someone in the know told me...

Thanks Airline, but no thanks!!! :D

(*note: Not the airline for whom I attended the recent recruitment... hello, if they called me, I'd be "when do you want me there?!' lol....)

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