March 25, 2006

Shall we Dance? And the interview Tango...

Ok to continue the run of 'signs' this week... I log in to JournalSpace and see my counter is at 24,777... hee hee!!! Of course for those of you who don't know, 777 is a type of aeroplane, the Boeing 777 to be exact. (The airline I am interviewing with is planning/considering the 777 as it begins to retire its 747's...)

EDIT: Monday 2pm - I missed a call on my phone, then checked my messages -it was a lady from an airline here (a regional) calling to offer me an interview!! Alas the only day available is Fri (the day I had set as my 'prep/psych myself up day' for Sat) but then I thought ah heck who cares... interview won;t go al lday (I know it won't).... so, make that 2 interviews in 2 days. How true the saying, it never rains but it pours!! Woo hoo!!! YAY ME!!! ... okay, Yay me if I get one of these jobs... ha... I mean, 'WHEN' I get offered BOTH, and then have to CHOOSE. Now that is a dilemma I SOOO can deal with!!!! ^_^

I cleaned my computer keyboard this afternoon, a long-overdue task. Managed to cut my finger while I did this, so even more to clean. The number '5' key flung off somewhere in my study, and I still haven't found it! :D Oh well I'm sure it'll turn up, only so many places it could be.

I went down to the local shops just awhile ago to get a newspaper... as I drove past this one fairly big building, I saw lights on in what I thought was a disused upper floor. On my way back, I slowed down a bit and had a stickybeak through the window of what I could see... (the curtains were open, so fair game)... anyway there were twinkly lights on the ceiling, as well as party lights, and... a DISCO BALL!!! It's a DANCING SCHOOL!!! Right down the road from me....!! Hee!!

I had been thinking for a while it would be a fun way to get fit, but didn't know of anything other than in the city (too far and not enough time) okay... some of the blame must be apportioned to 'Dancing With the Stars', but who cares!! I'm going to find out how much classes are, and if you can just drop in for casual classes... much more fun than walking around the block!!! Talk about appearances being deceiving - I thought no one used that old upper floor, hahaha....

Oh, that big Middle Eastern Airline will be in my city soon... going to drop by and try again (maybe they'll just say 'oh for goodness' sake, have a job already!')... but of course I am hoping to not need that job as I will hopefully be flying a bit closer to home... another ME major was in town, but I found out about it too late... anyway, it doesn't matter as this was the one some people in the know advised me to avoid. Still, would have been good practice for my 'real' interview next weekend!! Oh well...

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