April 2, 2006

The waiting game begins

Hi everyone!!

I am back with the cyber world, hopefully tomorrow will have some time to catch up on journals and write properly about my interviews.

The regional one went well I thought; it was a panel interview with three people, and they asked me lots of different sorts of questions. I made them laugh a few times which I thought was a good sign.

The recruitment with the major was an asessment session rather than an interview; if I am successful after the assessment day they will call me back for a panel interview next week. Lots of lovely people in my group this time, and the assessors were very nice, and friendly and put everyone totally at ease.There were some role plays which I am not sure I did so well at, but one can't change the past so there's no use worrying about it. Just learn and use it to my advantage in the panel!! :D

I am using a cafe at the moment, as my home PC is being a bit difficult, hopefully later tonight I can get it working properly and do a full update about what went on.

Until then!!!

EDIT: Monday 12:30pm

Regional: Still waiting...

Major: Got a call from one of the guys in my group, he had got an interview. Got on a break from class; message on phone from recruiter lady asking me to call her back. Call lady, I am THROUGH to the next stage!!!


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