April 3, 2006

Teensy weensy update

Ok, so the interview with the regional airline was not as scary as I had thought it would be.

It went for about 45min, and the panel consisted of three interviewers; 2 women and one man. They asked a range of questions, from the standard 'Tell us about yourself', to more company specific ones, such as 'What have you heard about recent developments within our airline?'

At first it was a bit nerve-wracking, as instead of watching one person you have to remember not to exclude the other two, even if they are not asking questions. I tried to use each of their names at least once (which I succeeded at, and even remembered their names at the end of the interview.)

A couple of times I managed to make jokes (appropriate and related to the question, of course) which they seemed to like. All in all it was very easy going. The only hitch was when one of them asked me "So tell me, what annoys you?"

Of course, this is designed to get you to spill about all of your flaws. Thank goodness, I was able to turn the question from a negative into a positive. I said the thing I that I think frustrates me the most (ha something which is not my fault hahaha) but then I added how I think I can cope with that and why it frustrates me (not a petty reason but a good, job-related one... e.g... it leads to less efficient work, can do this and that, etc etc.)

At the end they thanked me for coming, and i shook hands with them. I felt really good about the whole thing. The lady who is in charge of the flight attendants seems really nice. She wass quite younger than most I have seen but she seems very efficient and good at her job.

They said I would know by Monday if I had got through, but I hadn't heard anything. Then she called me and said that they were still working their way through the list of applicants, and I would hear from them in the next few days.

Later I got another call saying they wanted me to go for a further interview (which I had been told might happen depending on the amount of applicants)... so just waiting to get a further interview time for that... probably next week or so...

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