April 7, 2006

Well it's over... the waiting begins...

Okay, okay... will put you out of your misery as apparently I'm keeping you all in suspense (is that right Minxy? ;) so a brief rundown of the interview thingummy, as library is about to close (yes, I'm mooching college internet as usual...)

Decided to get my hair done, as wanted to go all out and do a bit extra to impress. Had appointment lined up with hair girl to do kickass hairdo that looks really good.

Arrive 0850 for my 0900 appointment.

0900. Still no hairdresssers. Anywhere. Not even anyone remotely looking like a hairdresser.

0915. Starting to worry a bit. Wonder where can find phone number to call other hairdressing place nearby in same chain/company to see if they can do it.

0920. Hairdresser-like person finally arrives rushing up, telling me how sorry she is, but their manager is sick and no one has a key, she came from the other store, etc etc. Think 'oh no', and ask... 'your manager wouldn't be X would it?" (the girl doing my hair). Yup, it is. Oh crap.

0930. Settle with new girl that she will do my hair, and although she hasn't the foggiest how to do it the cool way she assures me she can get the similar look. So we just go with it. She rushes a bit, as I am now really out of time... I was going to just forget about it and go home and do the ponytail, but I figured I could cut some of the non-essentials out of the getting ready :D

Ok so anyway, to cut a long story short... I got to the interview location with about 15mins to spare, waited with some other lovely people. One of the interviewers came out to let us know they were running behind and were very sorry; we said no problem, that's how it goes sometimes... so we all just sat around and chatted.

One guy there, it was soooooo funny, we were talking about who he flies for, has flown for etc... and.... he knows Vanishing Point! How funny is that!!! Of all the people from all the airlines, I bump into one who knows a friend very well!!! (VP, I was going to send you an email and explain, I promise hee hee, will do soon ok?)

After about an hour delay, I got my turn to interview. They were really nice, explained everything they were going to do/ask, then set off. No tricky questions at all, just about situations you have dealt with, what would you do differently, a time a team didn't cooperate, what would you change, what is your dream job (I said "this one of course, and I'm not just saying that... here's why..." (explain all prior working towards that job etc) hee hee hope they didn't think I was cheeky... um yeah I think I could have done a little better ( was tired from work - I know I didn't work much but I was) so wasn't as clear as maybe I could have been, but no use worrying. I still felt very good about the whole thing. Funny thing was, one of my interviewers was like THE main recruiter person for that particular department - no pressure or anything!!!

So I ended up hangng around after, talking with all the people waiting, because I knew some more of them... the nice recruiter guy from last week spotted me and said 'still waiting to go in?!' and I was like' oh no, just having fun talking with all of these guys here' and he was laughing about that... hehehe....

so anyway, just wait wait wait till Tuesday now!!

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