April 15, 2006

Good news... and bad news

Okay so finally I'm back to update... lots of stuff going on. Firstly, because I know some of you will kill me if I don't mention it first - the airline stuff...

I was scheduled to interview again with the regional this week. I spent ages thinking about it, and finally on the morning of the interview, I called them and cancelled. I told them that I had appreciated their asking me back, and that my experience with them had been very good, but that I didn't feel that I was ready to take the opporunity should it be offered to me.

There were a few reasons for this, but mostly I just didn't get the right vibe about it, and I didn't want to lock myself into something that may not have worked out, and also not be free to take up a better opportunity should it come along. (Like, say, a job with a major.)

With regard to the major, I got off work the other day (after an insane, crazy, hectic shift) to find a missed call on my phone. The voicemail just very simply said who the lady was with and that she was calling regarding my medical test. The frustrating thing was, because we had been so busy I hadn't been able/wanting to take my allocated break... so by the time I got the message, their office was closed. And it's the Easter long weekend!! Argggh!!!

At least this means I got through to the next round though, because I know people who didn't get in got an email saying so. Classes are over for the holidays (and possibly for good if I get this job). I know, I know... I said I was going to finish this course... and it would suck to not finish it now, so close to the end. But this opportunity is too good to pass up... and I'm trying to arrange completing some units early, and maybe doing some by mail later...

Sitting around in the library on last day, while waiting for our last class, F- and I, along with others, were discussing other languages, cultures and so on. F- had a Russian phrasebook (she says she is going to go to university in Russia). Anyway, it had different sections for 'everyday life', and I was saying to F- that she should learn all the airline related ones... then we saw a section labelled 'Sex'.

Believe it or not, they actually had a seection to give phrases for picking up, getting numbers, and sex... including such pearlers as "No wonder you're single" and "I'll take care of it myself". Needless to say, the discussion amongst the group went rapidly downhill from there... >:p

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