December 22, 2008

Brisvegas Travels...

Well, I had so much planned to post on my original blog, but it seems that JournalSpace has bitten the dust- possibly for good. I found out too late that the archive backup feature doesn't save the favourites-only posts. Crap. Oh well at least I have my original blogs back from 2005 when I first started blogging. Better than nothing I guess!

So I recently went to Brisvegas (or Brisbane for you non-Aussies) which isn't unusual, but for once it wasn't a late night arrival with a minimum layover then out on some horrendous red-eye flight to god knows where. We actually got decent layover time. Which of course is bad for the credit card as my older readers will know I love to shop in Brissie!

We had a bit of action early on in the trip as one of the crew was hurt in turbulence, we then had to get a replacement (sound familiar SHB???) :p Not much else happened on the flight which as it turns out was bad as we were all walking around trying to stay awake. *yawn*

I had full intentions of getting a good night's sleep then heading out for a walk in the park before getting something to eat and maybe just a LITTLE bit of shopping. Of course I ended up oversleeping and went straight to Queen St Mall for something to eat. Good old Subway, means I don't feel too guilty about what I ate for lunch. (Italian BMT with extra olives if you must know)

Bought an awesome pair of shoes, whih unfortunately didn't come in my size, but were exactly my sister's size, so those are her early birthday present (hers is in January)

Wandered around playing with all of the new makeup testers in Myer, spritzed on some new perfumes to try and just generally looked around. Really needed new jeans and managed to find a half-decent pair. I really want a pair of jean-style pants butin black (not that black denim but totally black, you know they're cut like jeans but black stretch not denim) but could I find some that WEREN'T skinny-leg jeans??? Noooooo. What is with this obssession with skinny leg jeans? They look good on hardly anyone except size 2 models. The salesgirl kept trying to convince me to buy them and I said to her eventually, helloooooooo, have you LOOKED at my figure? I'm all hips and ass with thin legs, if I wear those I will look like a beer keg!!!

Managed also to score two pairs of cropped jeans on sale (capri I suppose they are called) to replace my old faithfuls which are sadly looking less than stellar.

After stopping back by Myer to take advtange of their 40% off perfume, I got my standard Gloria Jean's iced choc and wandered slowly back towards the hotel. Took a few happy snaps on the way.

Christmas tree made of suspended giant Ferrero Rocher chocolates... sadly the photo from the top of the tree didn't turn out...

Tree in front of casino and the library square... and check out the outfit of the girl walking past lol... it was really hot that day, what's with the socks?!

Close up of the reindeer...

Casino building with those funky metal balls. I really need to go at night when they're lit up... how cool


Festive windows in the Myer shopfront which had moving Santa puppets.



Storm brewing...

I love these metal globe things, they're awesome!


  1. Great photos! Glad to find you!

    dkpark (aka dkmcb01 at JS)

  2. Oh way to make me feel homesick!!! Hehe...promise I am gonna email you....been called out heaps and moved house...I have half written the email....Merry Xmas Tray!


  3. Love the suspended tree in the mall!

    Sounds like a good day of of my favorite sports. ;)

  4. lol beer keg! yeah I don't know about the skinny jeans thing thats going on even for guys! I had this salesperson that was trying to get me to buy a white pair of skinnies! And skinny I am not because I am loving the ferrero rocher tree!

  5. Hi TT, nice photos as always, and v glad to find your alt blog.
    I've dragged some shockers out of that Casino over the years!
    Did you manage to prawn anyone's car during your travels?
    Anyway, thanks for the entertaining journal entries and comments over the last couple of months. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and that 2009 is a fantastic year full of health, wealth, love and happiness.


  6. No problem GoT, I know how it is this time of year- crazy!!!!

    Dsl, if only there were olympic medals for shopping! :P

    SHB, pity they were only pretend rocher.... darn, was going to nick one...

    Thanks Lermie, we were all wondering if you'd find us! Glad to see the Great JS Outage of 08 hasn't got you down... now should we expect more silly season shenanigans, feel free to post them at Westy's forum as half of JS are snowed in and v v bored, they are starting to misbehave!

    No prawns... yet... but planning a potential drink-on-head scenario after last weekend ;)

    Merry Christmas to all, hope you all have fantastic New Year's wherever you are.

    (L, you do know that NYE has to top it all off after your blogs this year, don't you???) Heh.

  7. i know, skinny jeans are a nightmare for me too haha i have to wear a baby doll shirt or a dress over them or i look weird i find... viva the regulat jeans LOL
    Merry Xmas!

  8. Yep, nice photos Tray, all the best for the season.
    (Drej from JS)

  9. yeh, Lem, where are you? There's a whole thread about looking for you.... you seem to have quite a fan club. lol Go to Dorrie's Fun Forum mentioned on the JS homepage.

    The pictures are great Tray. And I like your layout, though of course nothing to compare with the one I did for you, ahem *wink*

    Oh, and here I'm logged in as "Birdie"..confusing, I know (it was once intended as a "secret" journal *sigh*)

    Dorrie aka Westy

  10. TT, have you met Lerm since he lives in Brisbane? (We need to you as a guinea pig before we meet him in person, LOL)

    Always love the tales of flight crews.

    (This is Doanli, btw)

    And I hope your cats are behaving better now. ;)

  11. Funnily enough we have not crossed paths yet (that I know of, anyway!), then again I tend to arrive in Brisvegas as he would be stumbling home... :P

    Waiting for him to turn up on one of my flights so we can booze him up and watch what happens!!!

    Kitties much better today. Gargh wish JS would hurry up!!!!


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