January 14, 2009

Curious George Goes to Singapore...

On a recent Singapore layover, I got on the crew bus only to discover that George had snuck into my bag and onto the flight from Australia.

Here he is hiding in the crew baggage:

Naughty George!

On arriving at the hotel, the first thing George wanted to do was to check out the view.

He thought that this jungle was very strange, the trees were shaped funny and he didn't see any birds in these trees.

Looks like George likes the city!

Before I knew it, George had run to the mini bar and was busy throwing the sugar sachets everywhere!

Then he was off to the bathroom to check out the amenity goodies.

No bananas though, so he quickly lost interest.

I went for a walk to the supermarket to get some food for lunch, and when I got back this is what I saw:

I don't think he wanted to drink it, George just LOVES shiny things!!!

He was pretty interested in my lunch, but he doesn't like sushi much.

After going through the second bag, George was very happy to see this:

While I went out to do a little shopping, and get a massage, George had himself a great time alone in the hotel room.

Here he is rocking out to some music...

and running up a phone bill (cheeky monkey!)

Before long he settled down to watching some foreign tv

When I got back to the room, George was engrossed in a National Geographic documentary about gorillas, so I left him to it while I had a shower and then we ordered room service.

George liked the smell of whatever was under those dishes.

Here he is inspecting the bread for quality. (It was yummy)

Oops! Between us, George & I made quick work of dessert..!

What a busy day! After a bath it was time for some z's... George liked the comfy bed.

Night George!


  1. Sounds like George had a grand time traveling the orient with TT. :)


  2. Must be a FA thing, as there is an almost identical post with a little bear on pprune.


  3. Awwa, that was sooooo cute TT. Loved it! Say hi to George for me.

  4. aw, how cute!!

    I had the darndest time finding your journal!! gee whiz...

  5. Oooh, you're doing international now? How cool is that?!

  6. curious george should meet my friend flat stanley...he's been everywhere. maybe you can let georgie out of the room for a bit of touring next time. :)

  7. Too cute! It is very important to have a compliant travelling companion. I always take a small elephant... and if he can't make it, then I'll take my husband! ;)


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