January 6, 2009

Meeting SkyHighBoy

So, where was I? Oh yes, after avoiding the tourists at the giant Christmas Tree in the QVB building...

I met up with SHB and recognised him immediately! (He had that slightly tired thank-god-I've-finshed-work-for-the-day look that we FAs frequently have on our faces, hee) and told me that he definitely needed a coffee after the day's events. Being my usual smartarse self, I suggested that perhaps instead of coffee he needed a big fat drink, lol... but I was kidding of course! Perfect timing though as without the intervention of our newest FA blogger, I would probably have bought up half of the mall which would not be good for my holiday fund! :S

We found a coffee spot in QVB which looked alright so settled ourselves at a table.
It's always fun meeting new people, especially bloggers and of course as FAs we bonded immediately over one of the favourite discussion subjects: annoying passengers!!! :D

The other thing FAs love to do is bitch about compare rosters/pay/aircraft/colleagues/uniforms and all that fun stuff. I must admit I wasn't my usual wide-awake self, even having had 5 hours sleep after arriving at the hotel. Soon the cafe staff started putting up the chairs which we took to be the ground equivalent of us flicking off the cabin lights and walking up the aisle behind the last straggling passengers with our cabin bags: we took the hint and left (hehe)

After a brief confusion of where we were actually headed, and wandering semi-aimlessly around we decided that still more coffee & chat was in order. If it had been nicer outside Hyde Park would have been a cool option but it looked like it was about to pee down rain so instead found good old Gloria Jean's (after a diversion via the ATM- my blance is looking decidedly sad until payday tomorrow, thank god)

The cafe was a weird hybrid of GJ's and an internet cafe/game geek hangout... we ordered and then commandeered a couple of sofa chairs upstairs. And proceeded to probably annoy the heck out of the gamers by our loud laughing at all the funny goings on we had been itching to relate!!!

All in all it was a v fun few hours, and I really cannot believe that SHB has only been flying for 4 months, he has that mix of professional yet slightly cynical that only we flight attendants have! He plainly loves what he does and it comes through (even when bitching about discussing those annoying crazy passengers!!) It was nice to spend time with you SHB, hope we can do it again sometime, and I'm trying to line up GirlOnTour when she gets here next.

So, Number #5- SkyHighBoy is added to the 'Bloggers I've Met' list. May there be many more! =)

(Ok so it's not us but it was the closest I could find)


  1. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall listening to THAT conversation. Haha! :)


  2. Next time you are in sydney let me know. this may be #6 for you.. Maggs

  3. Yay! I sooo cannot wait now to get there and you know what!? My mum has told me of her and dad's plans to spend Xmas in Perth...perhaps I can score the silly season off if I don't make it back sooner. I had plans to come home at the end of this month but they have changed and maybe it won't be til later on in the year but COUNT ME IN!!!!

  4. Wheee! how exciting! It was good bitching I tell ya, especially after the shocker day that I had!
    How exciting, would love to meet GoT when she's back! =D

  5. Awesome shots of the tree - and I can't believe that you were kidding about a 'big fat drink'!
    Don't tell me that alcohol in moderation is another NY's resolution???

  6. How cool! I wish I made more of an effort to have a coffee sesh with the blogging folk over here!
    BTW QV1 is definately THE WRONG PLACE to be if you want to avoid spending money. Walking past the Kikki K. always gets me :-(


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