January 22, 2009

Next Time You're Passing Through Sydney...

Heather's recent post about the aviation museum in San Francisco reminded me of a similar exhibit in Sydney, Australia.

Next time you're passing through with some time to kill, why not check out the Qantas Heritage Collection in Terminal 3?

I've been a couple of times when I've had a half hour or more to spare, it's quite fascinating and the views are great too if you just like to watch the flights come and go.

There's uniforms, aircraft parts, menus, timetables and all sorts of stuff along with a timeline of Aussie aviation.

If you get a chance, have a chat with Des, one of the volunteers at the exhibit. He's a wealth of info, and I'm told, has some great stories to share.


  1. I did get dragged to one at Longreach when I was a kid - wasn't too bad - but, I doubt that I'd sack up voulantarily

  2. I'd love to see it..*fingers crossed* I will visit Oz within the next 10 years! :)

  3. L, Longreach is in a league of its own. I mean, cmon, you can run around in a jumbo jet, walk on the wing and NOT get shot for it! ;)

    Doanli, you'll get here... it's a good time now because your dollar is almost double ours last tim I looked...

  4. Not what i'd normally do whilst waiting to fly out of KS!

    I've got no doubt i'll be in town though before the years out so will give it a shot.

  5. I'll be in Sydney soon, but Im so bummed its only open mon to fri :(


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