January 25, 2009

In-flight iPods & Medical Emergencies

Hey all,

I'm feeling a little too drained at the moment to do a proper update. Have had a huge past week at work, not least of which involved some medical emergencies. (Last time it was SHB's turn, now it seems, it's mine.)

I promise I will post in more detail, once I've had a chance to rest up.It's just a hugely big weekend at the moment, being Australia Day and everything. (Our version of July 4th, for my US readers.)

Yesterday I dropped my sister in at work, the funny thing was, passing one of the major hotels I just about ran over two of SkyHighBoy's colleagues, who weren't watching before crossing the road. Oops! That could have been a nasty flight delay!

In news for travellers, Singapore Airlines have announced new technology to allow iPod & iPhone connectivity inflight. Pretty cool news for travellers. Other airlines, including Emirates and Delta, are said to be following suit.


  1. Enjoy the rest & have a great Aus day TT.

  2. Happy Australia Day to my Aussie friends!

  3. I've been wondering why I haven't noticed your up-dates... somehow you got kicked off my following list! aaarrgggghhhhhh

  4. I don't know if I'm completely in favor of connectivity in flight. Maybe laptops, but phones? Think of the noise of a hundred conversations all at once

  5. Oh gosh you gotta write about your medicals!
    I know what you mean about crossing the road...I nearly got run over myself! I don't really know why we do it? Maybe we're too tired and just want to get to bed!

  6. I wanna hear more about the dirty hotel room. :)

  7. goodnews about the ipods but yes not so sure about the phones, it's bad enough having the screaming kids but having to listen to "I'm on the plane' is proably enough to turn me nuts!


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