January 28, 2009

Nightmare flight...

Ok so I know I said I'd post about my last few flights, but first I wanted to get this sucker out of my head. With the summer heat, plus odd working hours, I've not been sleeping too well lately. One of the usual side effects of crap sleep, plus hot weather, is my having very weird, very whacked-out dreams.

Now most flight attendants at some point (usually during training school, and usually during Emergency Procedures/SEPs/etc) have a dream/nightmare involving some emergency situation.

Every so often, after a bad day at work, I'll have another one. But the one I had last night was a beauty!

Usually in these dreams (nightmares), I'm a crew member, going about my business, and then it all hits the fan. This time I recall sitting in a passenger seat. We were arriving back into Sydney and then we must have hit something, because I very clearly remember receiving an almighty crack on the head from hitting the seat in front of me. It's so weird that in a dream one feels pain (well at least I do) and boy did I! It hurt like hell!

Then I could hear other crew calling out as the plane stopped, yelling the commands we know by rote. I remember in the dream that I tried to join in, only the words weren't coming out right. It was like being drunk, or I suppose, when someone's had a stroke. My mouth couldn't make the sounds right. I got really scared when I tried to get up and one side of my body wouldn't co-operate. I remember then being at the front of the aircraft and a crew member handed me a life jacket. I tried to put it on but was so clumsy and my right hand wouldn't work, so I kept dropping it. Then all of a suddem, I saw my SEP trainer, with a clipboard. He kept yelling at me that I wasn't saying the words correctly. I was trying to explain my brain wasn't getting the message to my mouth. It was WAY weird!!!

I think at that point I must have realised I was dreaming, because I laughed and then I woke up. All I can imagine is that one side of my body must have gt pins and needles from my sleeping position which prompted the part in the dream where I couldn't move.

Very weird!!!

So fellow FA's, c'mon, hit me with your recurring SEP nightmare...


  1. Lol how funny!
    I haven't had any nightmares about EP's since initial ... thank god!
    mine was a birdstrike somewhere that led to an unprepared evac back at the airport!...

  2. Not enough chocolate and booze thats your problem

  3. It could be that your meth addiction is catching up with you!

    Otherwise, I think Chaz has it right - not enough booze before bed!

  4. Use to have a lot of scary dreams when I was younger but I could always wake myself up when it got to a scary bit of it!

    Glad your still around :-)


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