February 3, 2009

How Much Can a Koala Bear?

(Ok, so I know they're not bears, they're marsupials, but anyway)

Most of Australia is suffering a heat wave at the moment, most especially Melbourne & Sydney. This article was on the main login page to my email account. When the animals start taking swims to cool down, you kow it's hot!!!

You can read the article here.

I have some posts planned, but don't feel much like writing at the moment.


  1. What a cute little critter - he'd go well on the barbie!
    But, you are right - v bloody hot!

  2. He's soo cute...and don't you dare touch him, Lerm!

  3. You touch him Lerms and I'll roast YOU on the barbie! Hmm, that could be fun tho!

  4. One of the only animals in Oz that won't kill you!

  5. Heh heh heh.. keep it coming guys, too funny!


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