February 15, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm...

Don't worry, nothing bad!!!

Just alluding to the fact that I've done pretty much sweet F-all over the last few days, in contrast to plans for the rest of the month.

Valentine's Day was fun, seeing as this year is all about me, I elected not to attend the varous 'singles parties' I'd been invited to, or go on a dinner date with any of the guys I've met recently (don't want that added pressure, thanks!) and instead opted for a girls' night in with booze, popcorn and DVDs. Perfect- no having to dress up for anyone else, can sit around being un-ladylike and best of all it didn't matter if we pigged out on chocolate (yes we did)

Meeting up with SHB again as he is in Perth at the same time as me (I'm on leave remember) and we're going to have some drinks and gossip, yay!! That should be good. Then drinks with the girls on Tuesday, movies & dinner on Wednesday. Thursday- not sure yet but am sure something can be arranged as it's after pay day (thank god!!) Friday- ditto just left it free for last-minute ideas, Saturday birthday dinner, Sunday- arvo session at the local pub.

So, should be good. I really do need to get off my ass and clean the house. I think Foxtel has had enough of my presence today!


  1. I'm tired from reading what you've got planned. It sounds like a booze heavy week - nice. And it gets tougher and tougher to beat a good night in with booze and cronies

  2. Laze around on your ass while you can there will be enough days in the future where you will not be able to do that so take advantage of it now!

  3. Your plans sound like a great evening of fun to me! I wish I'd been there too!

    I did have a great evening with my sweetie, and with Hein and Desere out for dinner and a movie, but your evening sounds like LOADS of fun to me, with plenty of laughs.

    I hope you have a fabulous week. *hugs*


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