February 13, 2009

Just got home from a quick dash to the shops- had meant to do a 'big shop' but being broke I just picked up some essentials- milk, juice, dinner stuff. I was glad to see that the banners at the checkout in Coles proclaimed that so far $1.5 million had been raised and all of today's profits go to bushfire appeal. I asked the checkout guy about the donations t checkout and he said they just add whatever you want to donate to your grocery bill. So I added an extra $20, feeling a bit bad that it couldn't be any more.

But I do have a ticket in the big Valentine's Day $14mil lotto draw, so if I win the 14 mil, I'll give $1mil to the bushfire appeal... deal??? :P

My last trip was a real ass-kicker, I can't believe how tired I felt afterwards. I think I'm still recovering!! This rest of this month is going to be huge, I have 3 birthday parties, a concert, a dance show and about 4 coffee dates to go to, not to mention the new movies I want to see at the cinema and of course appointments to do boring stuff like tax and doctor stuff.

Well that's pretty much it for now, not too much happening to blog about I'm afraid! That's what happens in the life of an FA when there's no drama- it's pretty boring really!!!

Oh and for anyone interested, Sam the Koala has found a boyfriend!!! =D

Sam was burnt in the fires and you may have seen pictures of her drinking out of a water bottle offered by a fireman.


  1. Sam the koala is absolutely gorgeous, I think I fell in love! The vid of her drinking out of the water bottle is so sweet~!

  2. She's gorgeous isn't she?! The news story says that she and Bob sit there hugging each other all day and they sniff each other because they both smell like burnt koala... lol... too cute

  3. Burnt koala! LOL!! hahahah
    Bob?...gosh how Aussie can it get! hehehe

  4. Good luck in the Lotto TT - & I hope you get many V-Day cards from your mystery men. I look fwd to hearing about the action pack close to Feb

  5. Got myself a ticket for our lotto tonight, it never comes up but who knows a business class seat to Oz if it does for all of us to go and see family!

  6. yep the pics of Sam and her new beau are great almost brought a tear to my cynical eyes.


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