February 10, 2009

Aussies- Get Thee to Coles...

Jesus. It's now up to 173 and rising.

The cops say they're on the verge of releasing identikit photos of a suspected arsonist. (Somehow I think they better find him/her first before a member of the public does)

If you want to help, hold off your food shopping until this FRIDAY 13TH FEB. Coles stores nationally will be donating all proceeds from sales that day to the Bush Fire Relief Fund. If you can't donate money, buy your groceries then- it's the next best thing and every bit helps!


  1. Yes Ma'am! I'll even buy my smokes there

  2. Donated to the Salvation Army it's the only thing we can do being so far away. This is what is hurting my wife right now being so far from her family.

  3. I can't watch any of the news items without bawling. Donated to the Red Cross and an animal rescue group. They say it's close to 200 dead now. Bloody awful.


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