February 9, 2009

Hot Hot Summer...

...and not in a good way. As most of Australia is aware, severe bushfires have been burning in various areas of Victoria for quite a few days now.

These fires are even worse than the infamous Ash Wednesday fires back in the 80's...

So far the death toll (as I write) is estimated at over 130... it's unbelieveable!

However, in the midst of news reports, and photos of the devastation, I was kind of shocked to see this photo:

Does anyone else find the fact that this bushfire survivor is smoking a cigarette disturbing? I mean I know people do strange things when they're traumatised, but considering that at least one of the fires is known to have started from a carelessly discarded cigarette... I find it appalling.

One journalist wrote of his experience in the fire front, and it contradicts everything we've ever been told- that if you're prepared, you're safe. Perhaps not.
How We Cheated Flames of Death- Gary Hughes

One photo of hope in the midst of destruction:

A fire fighter holds a baby sugar glider saved from the fire.

Helicopter crew's description of 'Armageddon'

This is truly disaster on a grand scale. But Australia is a nation of perseverance & sticking together in the tough times... "mateship" if you will...

We will recover!


  1. I think we can give the old bird a smoke after her ordeal TT - by the look of things it may be her last!

    A terrible weekend.

  2. I agree about the smoking... luckily I never started. But there are doctors who continue to smoke even after taking care of lung cancer patients...

  3. So sad! That last photo speaks volumes.

  4. We get wild fires here in Calif. Maybe you remember the Oakland Hills fire. And the Malibu Canyon fires. It is so hard to watch. I know people who lost houses. I feel for you. But you will recover. I know you all are strong.

  5. Hard hitting but I think the media had a big part to play in it all, by the way they hyped it so much then all of a sudden you have all those fires blazing at once!

  6. You Ozzies are tough and you'll survive this. My thoughts and prayers are with your country at this terrible time, TT.


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