February 9, 2009

Meeting Miss Mel

Hey all!

Well it's been a super huge weekend here at Casa de Tray, lots going on & I've been more social than I have in a long time! I think the rut I had got into for most of last year is over, and I'm feeling v positive and 'go getter' about this year. I've made a list of things that I want to do this year, and I MUST do them by Dec 31st. No 'try' for these few items!

Friday I had the chance to meet up with yet another fellow blogger, Miss Mel, of Tampax Towers. As she wrote, she had some leave so was visiting her home town, and I happened to be there too- so naturally, the only possible result was a meetup. Yay!

I got the train into the city, and had a bit of time to kill so wandered around trying to find an ATM. Since I was last there, everything had moved so it took me longer to find one than I expected. Finally I made it to our pre-arranged meeting point. I spotted Mel right away- there is something about flight attendants that one can see even when off-duty. (I have to add Mel, you looked Fab, I loved your skirt and yes being a details person I noticed your cute matching nail polish) :P

We decided coffee was the way to go. Mel had a place in mind which was cute, and tucked away unlike the big coffee chains, which can get too busy. This coffee spot was cool & shady, and had a nice breeze. We talked about all sorts of things- work, travels, our blogs, plans for the year, and of course boys!!! (hee hee)

Before we knew it our time was up and we had to scoot off- Mel to run arrands & myself to go to a wake sadly!!! (Hence my kind of casual appearance- I was actually packing a black dress & heels in my tote bag)

All in all it was v fun, thanks for setting it up Mel! Hope you enjoyed Cirque & that you have a safe trip back to Dub-Dub!

Next time let's try for SHB as well! =)


  1. aw, when you said Miss Mel, I thought you might be talking about Adventure Girl! lol Meeting fellow bloggers is so much fun!

  2. Yes I thought that after I wrote this post, but she will always be "AG" to me!!! I do hope that Mel (AG) archived her blog at some point, shame if she lost all those lovely posts...

  3. Glad to hear that you are out off the rut and that you have an Anthony Robbins (j/k) style 'go getter' approach to 09.

    My best wishes for your twelve tablets of resolutions. I'm certain that you'll do better than I!

    And congratulations on meeting blogger 6 or 7? Sounds like you two had a pleasant time. I've just got this image of two women talking at each other at a 100 miles an hour - but I'm caertain it wasn't like that!

  4. Nah, that was kind of it, but in a good way!!! :P

    Thanks for the best wishes on the New Year. Seems like you're doing ok so far on yours ;)

  5. Sounds like fun times!...Yes we need to!.. since Perth is like my second home now! hehehe :P

  6. Hey if we're all in town at the same time I'm definately keen! :-D


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