February 21, 2009

Hmmm... I wonder about this...?

Following my last post I'd got a couple of emails from people telling me that Etihad Airways are coming to recruit in Australia soon- during March, in fact.

Now I've known a couple of people who have worked for them, and the overall concensus was, a pretty good company to work for- not quite up there with Emirates but not as bad as others *coughcoughQatarcoughGulfAircough*

Seeing as recently the Etihad crew received payrises to bring them up on par with Emirates, it seems that working for them has become attractive again. Add to that fact that the other major airlines over there (Emirates & Gulf) have stopped recruiting altogether) well... you see why quite a few 'wannabes' and even experienced crew are jumping at the chance to get an interview with them.

I've never actually interviewed with them, though I did lodge my CV a few years back. But seeing as what a disaster past assessments & interview with other Middle Eastern carriers were *coughcoughGulfcough*- I'm kind of thinking why not??

Reasons FOR Applying to Etihad
* They are one of few airlines who haven't cancelled expansion & are still recruiting
* Relatively young company with good chances for promotion & a career
* Etihad seem not to mind so much if you have flown before
* Good range of destinations and they fly to Australia
* Cute uniform (ok shallow I know but it is cute)
* I'm not getting any younger, and 26 is probably getting towards the age limit*
* Seems to be less competition as every girl & her dog applies to Emirates these days

Reasons AGAINST Applying to Etihad
* Based in Abu Dhabi- having never been there, not sure if I will like it
* Have to get used to new culture (and live in it- different to just visiting)
* Current company is a known quantity- "better the devil you know"
* Am now participating in company programs it was really hard to get into
* Being homesick- have never lived o/s before

I'm thinking maybe I should see if I can get invited to the recruitment & take it from there. If I don't get an invite, it's not meant to be and I will try again next year.

(* Etihad don't specify an age limit but I'd think for a standard crew position I wouldn't want to be much older. For onboard managers, it's a minimum of 26 but I don't have the kind of experience they want for that, despite having flown as a senior for over a year)


  1. darn, I really wish I wasn't too old. I always wanted to be a FA, but at 59... nope, don't think so ;-)

  2. We'll have to start our own airline... Birdie Airways!! :P

  3. My previous colleague from Parisian pub chain scored q job zith them. shes 36. 26 is absolutely fine

  4. I think the uniform is cute too, I actually wish we wore hats at the U.S. airlines...and Dorrie, you're NEVER too old. I had a 63 year old woman in my class and she was an amazing lady. Retired teacher, she flew international and "retired" at 75! We have soooo many 35 and 40 year FA's at my airline.....most of them started at 18 so they are only about 58 or so themselves. Something to think about: )

  5. Very interesting post. It is good when you get chances of being promoted in a quick time with a company, not all airlines offer that. I wonder how is living in Abu Dhabi compared to Dubai, if it is as tolerant with foreigners.. as you mention, their uniforms are quite nice compared to coughcoughEmircoughcough hahaha. I am surprised they are still recruiting, thats nice for them. I was in one of the last batches to graduate for a while in Emirates.

    I think you would get over feeling homesick. In the beginning, it can be hard, but then it gets better and you make friends, you discover new places..slowly you feel at home in your new home. :)

  6. I am no expert, but the idea of a young airline expanding in a time of world-wide economic contraction sounds risky on the face of it. I don't have to tell you how many airlines around the world have ceased operation in the past few months.

    As for living in UAE, it IS a Moslem country with very different ideas than Oz about a great many things, including single women and alcohol. And it seems a very long way from Oz in other ways as well (physically).

    It might seem a more attractive prospect if you were currently unemployed. Still, what do I know?

  7. Regardless of its rapid growth plans, I would have thought that being the national airline of the UAE, one of the richest countries in the world, probably insulates it in these tough times.

    As regards alcohol and single girls - these really aren't an issue for westerns in the region

  8. Airboy, yeah I mean I want to get started in the next couple of years if I do move as I don't really want to be in my thirties and just moving...

    Pinto, it's cool that they're not too picky about ages. I read an article recently about a mother-daughter team in the same training class at Alaska Airways!

    Carine, that is why I've been doing some research. As I mentioned I have known a few girls who work there which is good as they can tell me what it is REALLY like living there. I am pretty conservative in my habits so I think I would not have as hard a time in the ME as some people.

    Fin, some good points there. Of course I have made sure to do some research about how things are. Westerners are generally tolerated to do as you do at home but of course within the social expectations... for example, I am not Muslim but I would respect the local culture during sensitive times like Ramadan... I know it is rude to drink or eat in public and of course if I were living there it's live by their rules. It's ok to wear clothes as you do at home, but of course you are expected to cover up during religious holidays. Fair enough, I'm not into showing skin anyways... part of my upbringing I guess!

    I'm at a point in life where I go out every now and then for drinks with friends but I much prefer to drink at home over a meal or with friends- which is perfectly acceptable for a Westerner so long as you have the alcohol permit.

    Besides, layovers are for fun... If I wanted to be an idiot, I'd do it in Aus or the US ;)

    Anonymous, they are feeling the pinch too but I'm looking at it as a possibility over the next couple years... if I got in I can always postpone the joining date up to 6 months.

  9. They fly into Manchester as well....lol! I would try and get an invite and go for it, you then have a chance to decide whether it is a god proposition or not and is it the only five star airline as well?

  10. Yeah Stu, it'd be good to suss out what their recruitment is like... I've heard its different to my past experiences with others i.e. they don't keep you waiting forever!

    You might be thinking of another ME carrier that wear hats... has a goat on the tail... :P

  11. I say why not go for it, you've nothing to lose, right? The only thing I'd say against them is that hat/scarf combo thing they have got going there. Looks kind of tricky to pull off. hehehe *grin* Good luck in your decision.

  12. Go for it Tray! Decent layovers, different culture, fast promotions, staff travel, and you can pop over for a visit! What more could you want? :-D

  13. Andi, any flight attendant worth her salt can pull off a hat and scarf- I've been DYING to wear a hat since I started flying. Was devastated when my hat didn't turn up before I resigned from my last job.

    Yay Mel, how cool would that be?! The only thing better would be a different coloured hat but I think we both know that's not likely to happen any time soon...

    Now if I could just get an invite to the recruitment... grrrr


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