February 25, 2009

Flying In Style... Hugh Hefner Style

This one's for the resident JS Casanova... he knows who he is :P This is right up his alley!

Can you imagine the parties that went on here! I love the paint job and I've always had a thing for the t-tailed aircraft. They just look v fast & v sexy! no A380 whales here!

No comment on the uniforms. These days, I'd say tarty, but hey, we're talking Hugh Hefner in the 70's here... those uniforms are cool!


  1. OMG, that video was FAB. I could SO see our resident Casanova running that plane the way Hef did. OMG the food... and the Disco dancing. How funny was that? And a shower???? Looks like you'd have to be size Kate Moss to fit in that thing. Hahahahaha

  2. Very interesting and he still has a plane like that but more modern. The 70's was a different world for sure.

  3. I think the uniform should be like that now it still seems modern today....lol

  4. Cool Video!! I wish I was a FA in the 70's....maybe not for Hugh, but South West had some HOT uniforms: )

  5. That video contains about 55 reasons why Hugh is the man. As you say there must have been some pretty cool parties. And the uniforms, and even the hair doesn't look bad at all - even thirty years later - or maybe that is just because I love tarty! Speaking of which I'm eating a delicious lemon tart in Stanthorpe as I type this.


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