March 1, 2009

Withdrawal Symptoms

hey all.

Having Inter-ma-net troubles at the mo so probably won't post much over the next week or so.

Just sucks as I had quite a bit to post, too. Am writing with my trusty Nokia smartphone, but to be honest it's a bit of a pain in the ass so I think I'll wrap it up here. Will try check in on you all when I get a hotel that doesn't charge $20 an hour for internet!


  1. It is bad when hotels charge so much for internet access, it should be charged as part of the rooms. We get it here when you try to log on and you get redirected to a page to pay! Although there are now a few who give you free access which is good, no free beer yet though!

  2. SAS rad are good at giving free internetz

  3. It is amazing how frustrating it is not to have the net. Particularly when you think that ten years go it didn't really exist for most of us.

    There was a shitty hotel in Tenterfield that had free internet last week. Stay well

  4. Stu, I know it's frustrating when you pick up a connection only to find that stupid pay page!! Sometimes I get lucky and the person in the room next to mine is silly enough to have an unsecured connection. Hehe!

    Airboy, you guys stay in way better hotels than us! We don't get anything for free, they're even stingy on the bath towels!

    L, I must have started early, I remember using the net as early as 1995...! :S


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