March 4, 2009

I'm Still Here... Sort of

I'm stil here, just not posting as much. Have been having intermanet/laptop issues, which I seem to have sorted for the time being. Fingers crossed laptop starts behaving. I had to reboot it to its factory settings. Luckily, the portable hard drive I had ordered arrived a day before the computer crapped out completely, so I still have all my photos and things. Getting support finally worked out once I managed to convince the computer people that I did, in fact, have more than a 12 month warranty, and that it hadn't expired.

On a side note, I've got the iTunes Top 20 playing in the background... does anyone else think that Beyonce looks totally hoochie in the clip for 'Single Ladies'?? Waving one's crotch at the camera while wearing a black leotard does not classy make, especially when you are more on the curvy side like she is. Nothing against her size, but that dance routine does her NO favours! Let's not even start on that HIDEOUS dress that she wore to the Oscars. Okay, back to your scheduled blog.

My latest work trip totally kicked my ass, al this time off does not good flight attendant condition make. Especially flying horrible red eye flights. I was so knackered, I didn't even go to the shops. Woke up 3 hours after I started my supposed 45-minute ' power nap'. Oops. Luckily the supermarket near the hotel was still open, so I got some supplies and then stopped by Subway to get a sub for dinner.

Weather has been nice, I'm on standby tomorrow but if I don't get called out I'm thinking I might head down to the local pool and sit with my book, get a bit of sun before it's gone and swim for a bit. Always fun!

In career news, I did hear back from Etihad, they said I have been shortlisted for their visit to Australia, and they will let me know what date they want me to come to an interview. Always worth checking out what other people are offering. I love my current job but it's just impossible to get anywhere career-wise at the moment. I don't want to be 30 and still renting... ugh. Though apparently if one moves to Queensland there are properties to buy that cost less than renting, and not too far from Brisvegas. Not sure I believe that, though. Hmm.


  1. Sorry to hear about your computer probs. And, just hang in re property - the arse will fall out of the market as soon as unemployment heads up i.e. soon. Cesspits will be going cheap

  2. glad to finally hear from you.

  3. Happy to hear you didn't lose all your pics! I actually lost all the pics from my daughter's first year, when my hard drive went...hard lesson! Luckily, I also keep a blog for her and sent so many to family that I at least have some.

    Good Luck with your interview when Etihad comes to town.

  4. Computer can such a problem at times, I always find a big hammer usually sorts out any problems that may occur!

    Never realised Beyonce and music could be mentioned in the same sentence she is so bad.

    Hope you get what your looking for out of Ethihad and that it opens doors for you.

  5. It's not a Dell is it? We had all sorts of trouble with ours when we first got it.

    As for buying a place - talk to the hand girlfriend! You try finding a place in Sydney. Harrumph.


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