March 27, 2009

End of Summer...

Even though summer was officially over at the beginning of March, we've been having some quite nice weather. A friend & I decided to take the opportunity yesterday to hit the beach for one last outing. We thought it'd be really crowded, being a Friday and so nice out, that people might have taken the day off work to go. But, while there were a fair few people, it wasn't too crowded, so we were able to find a nice spot on the sand and relax.

The water was beautiful, really blue and refreshing.

I'm a bit of a wimp so of course squealed at first when I got in, it was kind of cold, but once in it was really nice. We swam around for a bit, then walked the length of the beach in knee-deep water to get our exercise quota. After that went up onto the breakwater to have a look around, then back down for some more swimming. This was fun until I thought I saw a sea snake, and we both ran away like girls and wouldn't go back in. (My friend & I are both really paranoid about creepy-crawlies, especially with so many shark attacks & sightings in Oz this summer)

On the exercise front, I've been really good. Did a one-hour walk on the river with my walking buddy, and did 5 k's on the bike (yeah it's not much in the scheme of things, but it's heaps for a noob like me). Also, I must be getting used to the bike as my butt doesn't seem to hurt so much any more. Pity the one-hour walk wiped out my hamstrings and they feel really sore! Good thing I didn't have to work today, and had a day off before that! =)

There's not too much else to report. Work has been pretty good, had some good flights with a lot of good passengers, and quite a few friends on the crew. Got another really good performance review which was great. (BTW yes I am photocopying these before signing them and handing them in so as to have them handy should the need arise)

Also looking into other options just in case any good opportunities come up. Ideally would like to stay where I am but I can't ignore the fact I'd really like to be doing a 'bit more' work-wise. What that is, I'm not sure yet. Either something different at my current airline, or maybe moving back to a regional in a training role. That would be cool, and leave the travelling for holidays.

Haven't done too much shopping lately, well aside from food and whatnot. Seeing as I've been at home on reserve a lot I've been buying up big on fresh fruit and other food, also have a bit of a thing for flowers lately. Bought some red roses today which are sitting in my bedroom looking really pretty.

Aside from that, just trying to enjoy the small things, taking time out to read books, chill out with my iPod and snuggle time with the kitties. I also found my diary from last year about writing down positive things. So I've been doing that this week and it's amazing when you think about it, just how many things in a day there are to be happy about or grateful for.

One more good thing that happened this week- I did an event gig and basically waitressed/organised the drinks & canapes for a fancy cocktail 'do for a designer here, and got very good compliments from the guests. But it was enough for me to know I'm not made to do waitressing full time. We have a lot of good equipment on the aircraft to help us, and it's amazing just how much we rely on it- I kept looking around the kitchen for things that weren't there, and found carrying a normal-sized tray weird!!! :P

Next month's roster is looking pretty sparse, only one international trip (boo) and a couple of two and three day trips, the rest is all home reserve. Yuck. So SHB and GirlOnTour, let me know if you're around at the same time as me and we'll see if we can manage a meetup!!! :P


  1. I am so looking forward to summer.

  2. Nice post. End of Summer means start of dry season here,!
    Reckon you should be training the TL crews ;)

  3. Pastor, I'm ad it's over here but look fwd to living vicariously through my northern hemisphere friends.

    Drej, funny you should say that... :P

  4. Looks like a great day out, it is still as hot as buggery over here.

    Watch out for those creepy crawlies!


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