April 1, 2009


Wow, what a busy few days! So much going on this week, I don't know where to start!

I had some great times with friends- shopping with the girls, movie nights, and general fun fun fun! It was nice to be social again, even though summer is officially over, I feel like I still need to make the most of the nice weather.

Work has been great, I got some really good remarks from passengers, and we had so many famous people travelling, too many to poke a stick at!

One of them was someone who has been a favourite celebrity of mine for a long time, sorry, can't say who for obvious reasons, but this person was very nice and down to earth, and I think they liked being treated just like anyone else. The celebrity actually came to the galley during the flight and had a chat with us. It's funny how much someone like me has in common with someone like them, even with all their fame and whatnot. I guess deep down they are just like everyone else.

Towards the end of the flight, our guest gave us the card of their manager/PA and said if we had time while in Sydney to come visit at the hotel for a party that they were putting on, to let them know and they would put our names on the door. Awesome!! Of course it had to be totally top-secret, as letting anyone else in on it would lead to mobs of screaming fans at the hotel. But it was sooooo hard not to tell the rest of the crew, hehe. Lucky us!!!

Let's just say a great time was had by all, free drinks, awesome food, plenty of celeb-spotting aside from our guest, all in all I think the best night that has ever come out of having my job. Did I mention I love my job??? I am just itching to post a picture but of course I can't, in the name of professionalism. (Darn)

And you know the best part??? During the evening the celeb's manager got talking to a couple of us crew, and mentioned that they might be looking for one or two to work as crew on the private jets that their client uses! Apparently they want someone a bit different, and think having some Aussie crew is just what they need. Of course we handed over our numbers, emails, you name it!! The conversation sounded very promising, and the opportunities would be fantastic. I can't wait to hear back from them.

So of course today seems very dull indeed. I have to do boring things like clean house, do washing, run errands and pack for my next trips. Will let you know as soon as I have any updates =)


  1. Mingling with the starts I see miss TT!!
    U lucky thing! how cool would it be to work for them!

  2. Ooooh! Excitement! That reminds me, we had Pat Rafter on our plane from Maroochy to Sydney. Prrrr. It was funny though, you know that big Bonds ad in SYD domestic terminal? The one that's Pat in his undies? Well, he was walking past it (with his family in tow) and some middle aged women started laughing at him about it. He cracked up and took it all in good humour. Seems like a nice guy.

  3. Hostess with the mostess. Wishing you good luck on getting that job !

  4. Good luck and I hope the job is what it looks like.

  5. finally an actually entry! you lucky thing... I always wanted to be a FA but my ex wouldn't let me (dumb pilot he was).

    Whenever you write that summer is over it sounds so odd, since ours is just beginning.

  6. It is great that you are getting to see so many people and getting all of those requests as well, you need to start a fan club!

    It is weird you saying the end of as we are heading into warmer times right now with a beautiful blue sky today.

  7. This is awesome!! They are regular people though, just like us. I'm so glad you had the opportunity, fun fun fun! *hugs* Hope you get that call and a great offer :)

  8. Nice one Tray...what an exciting time you had...hope we catch up in the flesh soon! x

  9. I've never had a clebrity on board. I think I had one of the American Idols on once, but nobody with head turning factor.

  10. Excuse my spelling error, I meant to say "celebrity."


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