April 9, 2009

Argh Where Has the Week Gone?!

I've been meaning to make a post for the last few days, but for some reason I seem not to have had any time. There's a few things I want to write about, my I haven't really a) felt like posting and b) wanted to do battle with flatmate's crappy slow laptop.

The good thing is, I finally got my laptop back from the repairers. It seems to be mostly running ok, except they seem to have changed the Bluetooth settings so I can't actually send photos from my phone without resorting to SMS, which isn't free. Oh well, I'll just have to play with the settings until I get things back to how they were. I also have to try restore the data from my backup disk. But the space bar isn't working which is really really annoying me!!!!

I also had a good work trip which I'm planning to blog about, oh and of course a shoe post for the JS blog. Got some pictures to post once I have got everything back onto the laptop.

I thought I was getting the flu the last few days, but I chucked down some cold n flu tabs, drank heaps of water and I think hopefully I've kicked it before it got too bad.

Alright, better go back to house cleaning!


  1. Good on you kicking the flu bug into touch, now if that had been man flu then you would of been sick for days. Looking forward to the pictures.

  2. finally an update from you! it seems we all posted more regularly on JS then we do here. I still miss JS! *snif*

  3. Dorrie, I've been sans laptop for about 6 weeks which is why the lack of regular updates


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