April 11, 2009

Not Again!

Hey people! I have a piece of rather frustrating news. After waiting around 6 weeks to have my laptop fixed, after one day of fuss-free operation it has decided that it wasn't fixed after all and is acting so stupid I could just throw it at the wall.

I'm a little suspicious that they didn't actually replace the logic board like they said, mainly because the computer is exhibiting the same crazy symptoms of squiggly lines across the screen and randomly shutting down- same as before. My theory is, had they actually replaced the part, it would have gone longer than a day before it crapped out.

I'm thinking maybe I just want to call them, rant about how I waited 6 weeks (or whatever it was) for this to be fixed, then was without my laptop over the easter weekend and couldn't do my bids!

I going to ask for a refund/new computer as they've tried to repair it once and I'm sure the laws here say that after repair I have the option to choose repair or replacement. Replacement it is!!!

So am typing this on flatmate's computer so hopefully can still get my planned posts done.


  1. Oh that sounds ridiculous! You must be furious! Well having said that I am having my own issues with my computer including having a cord which decided to crap itself, so I have bought no less than 2 replacements in the last month, both of which have broken as well (and they are not cheap). I keep thinking it is time to buy my MAC....I am hearing ya pain lovely!!!xx

  2. how frustrating! Sounds like they didn't do anything, but billed you anyway. geeeez, sloppy service prevailing more and more... no wonder the economy is so shitty.

  3. R, I'm thinking I want either a Dell or one of those tiny Toshiba travel PCs. Maybe just buy it on my interest free and keep this POS for when I need to burn CDs... we'll see.

    Dorrie, I would be way more mad if I had to pay but luckily (or unluckily?) it was under extended warranty so I didn't have to pay. It's still crap that they didn't fix it though!

  4. Well I can recommend an EEE pc which is what I have for travel as well...if you just want it for emails, skype and post writing???

  5. Bad customer service is what always gets me they should realise it is the customer that pays them, they should just smile and do a good job.

  6. That's pretty much it R!!!

    Stu, I know, hopefully some ranting will scare them into action hehe


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