April 11, 2009

Bikes, Bookings & Beach

Well. Where to begin. Such a lot to update on, I've nearly forgotten all the stuff I wanted to post about!

Exercise: I've been pretty good lately, yes ok I admit I've slacked off some days, but overall I don't think I've done too badly. Once in Perth I did a fast walk from South Perth (near the Mends St jetty) up to the park near Burswood Casino. And back. Not too bad. I was getting a little sick so haven't been riding the bike as much, but I did get out with my friend J yesterday and we did 45 minutes before deciding the weather was so nice we'd rather be at the beach! =D

I think the ride was overdoing it a bit as when I got back tot he car I had to lie down and put my feet up, feeling lightheaded. While I was lying there some guys playing football nearby kicked their ball over and it nearly knocked me out! Haha! But they were kind of cute so I forgave them.

J and I dumped our bikes in our cars then headed for the beach. Much better. The water was a little cold but it was really refreshing, being the Easter long weekend, it was really crowded but it was so nice just to be there, floating on the waves and talking. I also took the opportunity to take my new (waterproof) camera for its first test drive for underwater shots- as we were near the shore it wasn't too interesting underneath the water but it was fun to be able to have it with me and not worry about someone stealing it from my bag. The only drag to the day was that I was on call reserve, so had to keep checking my phone, but luckily I didn't get any calls so it was all good in the end.

Once we got too cold in the water we took our towels up onto the grass and just got some sun for awhile. I think I needed it after spending a few days mostly sleeping in bed. Once we dried off we decided we were both really hungry and went to get fish and chips. The line for the most popular place was really long, plus we decided it was a bit too expensive. There was a simple kebab joint down the road which also did fish and chips for half the price of the trendy place, so we got our food then sat down on our towels on the grass and ate. Our reward for being good about exercise was a really pretty sunset, which we watched the end of while going for a quick walk down the beach and back to work off the fried fish :P

Some lifeguards were training in their powerboat and it was really funny when they rounded a corner too quickly and threw the female lifeguard off the dinghy. Of course she screamed as she went over unexpectedly and the guys had to go pick her up out of the water, red faced. Hehe.

I've also done a couple of work trips which were really good, one to Singapore with some new crew which turned out to be a huge trip, mainly because we went out on the town the first night and stayed out til 3am (I only had 3 drinks the whole night as I'm kind of not into the drinking thing anymore, it doesn't do much for me, plus I already had a massive headache from work that day. SO I just had a vodka tonic or two and watched everyone else. We went to the bar Clinic which is decked out like a hospital, and you get drinks in drips and test tubes. But it was kind of expensive so really we sat around dithering over the menu while taking photos of us mucking around in the wheelchairs. All was good until two of the crew who had had more drinks than us decided it would be fun to take off in the wheelchairs down the street. So we got the 'move along' and then headed back for the hotel. On the way some of the crew decided it would be fun to go on the Reverse Bungy ride. Fun for all, even if you're only watching! Hehe

Singapore at night!

Next day I shopped a bit, had a fantastic pedicure (including leg massage and heat treatment), stocked up on my faves from the Body Shop (which I can't buy here at home) and found a fantastic pair of shoes to go with a new dress of mine. (More about the dress later!)

Plans for holiday going well, got my leave approved so now just waiting on booking confirmations. Singapore Airlines are having an awesome sale which will get me to London and back for around $1499. Emirates had a similar offer which I really wanted to do as it had a stopover in Dub-Dub, but I had to pay by tomorrow and my bank transfer won't be through by then. Oh well! SQ it is! I do like a Kebaya, and I'll get to fly on the A380. (I'm such a plane nerd, just had to include it so I could check it out.)

I plan to make a few posts today while I can as I am off on another trip tomorrow, so be sure to scroll down and check for the others =) Will also add some photos, once flatmate gets home with her work computer which isn't so slow as this one!


  1. Is it a tour of England or Europe you are coming up for then this way?

    No wonder you have no time to post you are so busy doing over things thee days.

    Hmmmm fish and chips the stable diet of Poms and Aussies the only food to eat when out at the seaside, besides an ice cream that is!

  2. "I'm kind of not into the drinking thing anymore"

    I'm disappointed in you TT. May this be banished for the latter half of the year!

    Glad to see that you are well


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