April 18, 2009

Hey people, yes I'm aware I've been quite slack in the posting department. Not that there hasn't been fun stuff going on, I just haven't felt like posting due to the computer hassles, among other things.

At the moment my airline is threatening to axe a whole heap of jobs, so of course we are all just a little bit worried at the moment. As someone who started within the last 2 years, I definitely fall within the 'axe-able' category. It would suck, but I've decided there's no point stressing about it as I won't be able to change the outcome if it's already been decided.

So, if it should happen, my plan is to go back to studying, and re-apply for Etihad when recruitment picks up again in September/October.

I've pretty much decided to pick up a mini netbook on the interest free plan to tide me over while my laptop gets repaired. Seeing as it's now been over two months, I'm not holding my breath to get it back anytime soon. I've been wanting a lighter one for travel anyway, and at least I can get stuff done in the downtime, especially if I need to look for work or study. Seeing as they run on average for about $500, paying that amount over 2 years interest free is almost nothing. So, may as well! Any recommendations? I know Heather just did a post about hers.

Ok, I'm off to take my little cousin to the movies!


  1. I will pray for your job concerns.

  2. I was wondering how safe your job was with the cuts.

    I recently posted about the HP netbook the Bloke bought for me. It's called the "mini" and it's a bit more expensive than the others at about $600 but I LOVE it.

    The Sydney Morning Herald has a good I.T. section which reviews Netbooks. There was a comparison article fairly recently and EeePC got a good review.

  3. I thought of you, too.... yep, the news about the layoffs were reported over here in my world. Good luck!

  4. Cut backs are harsh at the moment and I hope they pass you buy and you miss the unemployment virus as it's not a very nice thing to catch!

    A netbook s great just read lots of reviews to find out what is good and what is not out there.

  5. I hope that you won't be affected by the cutbacks, but it sounds like you have the right attitude and outlook if you happen to be.

    Oooh a new computer. I want a Macbook, but I think Marcel would strangle me if I mentioned it hahaha I don't NEED a computer, I just 'want' another one.



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