April 21, 2009

Off Shopping I Go!

This morning I'm off to get myself a netbook. I've had ENOUGH of stupid HP and their crap customer service. I fully intend to lodge a complaint with consumer affairs. Now the extended warranty company have been lovely, but I don't feel they should have to replace the laptop seeing as it was still under manufacturer warranty when it went splat!

Anyway, as it has been over 2.5 months since this whole saga started, I am going to buy myself a netbook. I have SEPs coming up, and I can't use my sister's borrowed laptop anymore. It's older than the hills! (Plus, I can't take it with me!)

So, I still have a store card, and the computer store is doing one of those 2 years interest free promotions. Same as when I bought my fridge. So, with te good netbooks running at around the $500 mark, that will be easy peasy to pay off in that time. (Thanks Ruddy!!) Still leaves $400 from the 'stimulus package' (lol does that ever get jokes made on tv!) to put in my travel fund.

At the moment, I've pretty much decided to go with the EeePC. I liked the look of the Acer Aspire One, but the battery life is pretty crappy. Given the amount I've spent deadheading, 2hr when watching a movie is just not going to cut it! The EeePC 1000HE has a whopping max battery time of around 9 hours (depending on settings)

Think that might be the way to go. (I just wish they came in pink too! Hehe!)

I'm staying well away from the HP Mini Note (obviously!) and I tried the Dell Mini 9, but the keyboard totally pissed me off from the get-go. As I do a fair bit of typing, they keyboard matters! :P And the tiny size means it is TRULY portable. Not like my HP, which in comparison, feels like a brick, and takes up a whole pocket of my rollaboard bag. Ew.


  1. Don't curse my HP Mini! We were going to get an Eee PC, but it don't like the chunky dividing section between the keyboard and the screen... but I can understand what you mean about bad customer service - it ruins your confidence in any of their other products.

    We have a Dell (full size) laptop and we went through all sorts of problems with it when we first got it. I eventually found the answer to the problems on an internet site not related to the official website (after spending hours on the phone to customer service). Grrr

  2. I'm sure YOUR HP mini will be fine, I just seem tto have a thing where I get one crap product from a company, then all the rest are crap. It was the same with my first printer. I did think about the mini at first, but the EeePC fits my hotel-hopping needs :P


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