May 24, 2009

A Few Little Snaps & Tweaks...

Just a few snaps to share from various other flights, nothing too controversial, only things I found interesting out of the window. Mainly clouds, as some of you will know these are my favourite! Always different...

(Kind of just... gross...)

Thiis one was really pretty, flying away from the rising sun =)

I have made a few small tweaks to the blog, namely adding a few new blogs to the Airline Alliance, and fixing some out-of-date links to point to the new addresses for other blogs. I have also made a couple of posts to the Galley Curtain blog, so make sure if you're on the F&F list that you check it out if you haven't already. Have a cool slideshow of travels in there as well as some work gossip! =D

I'm currently on a few days of home reserve (yuck!) but at least it means I can get all those jobs like washing uniforms & vacuuming done. I also am updating my manuals for SEP next month, as well as doing to some research for a little idea that I am having. More on that later. Now, it's back to work for me!


  1. I'd wish you luck on the SEP - but I faith in Bloggers best Airline 'nerd'!!!! - so my luck won't be needed

  2. I love those shots. I tend to enjoy taking photos out the window too. I love the one flying away from the sun. Gorgeous. Hope you've been able to get everything done while you've been home. *hugs*

  3. What is the galley curtain blog?


  4. oooh, GoT, I thought I sent you an invite?? Check the gmail you'e got listed on your Blogger page, I sent it there... =)


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