May 19, 2009

Not Quite What You'd Expect...

I got this picture from a friend, it's an airline safety card. Now along with the usual safety info like slides, exits and liffejackets, it has the part which says no electronic devices & which items you can never have.

In the 'Prohibited' range are things like remote control cars, walkies talkies and certain toys. This airline has chosen a rather funny way of illustrating this:

Remember these cute, yet frustratingly annoying little bastards?

Now I'm not sure how many of them had to make it on board to annoy the hell out of the flight attendants to get banned, but I do know it had to be quite a few! (Joking- they are never allowed, and thank god for that!!)

Imagine Sydney to LA hearing "Furby doo-moh kkoh-koh A-tay!" the whole way over. It's enough to make one stab ones own eardrums with a first class fork!


  1. What the hell is that? Never seen one before. Never wish to. Think anyone found in the possesion of one of those things should be dropped from 30000 feet sans parachute

  2. OMG! I hate those things. I forgot about them! They just start up out of no where...scare the crap out of you....too funny!!!!!

  3. I'm glad my kids never wished for one of those. Oh, and remember those pet whatever they were? aaarrrggghhhh

  4. What about tickle-me Elmo. Now there's a scary invention!

  5. Fuuuuuurrrrrbyyyyy!

    I never really wanted one when they were out, but remember going mental when I got a Tamagotchi! I think the furby was selling for 80 bucks or something like that? Ridiculous...

  6. That thing could be indicative of some passengers on board and yes this coming from a passenger!!

  7. This is a little long but copied from a chief purser from large airline in EU who posts on pprune and writes quite well imo:

    well double dammit...not copying here....maybe too long. url is

    triple dammit. it is post 9207 on the trrbatspoit thread on jetblast.

    NO idea why it won't copy here, either text or url, but I reallyt REALLY hope you will browse on over there and read it.


  9. Long ramble about nothing much following, feel free to skip.

    Rolly, how curious you should bring that up. Last weekend flying, I spent a lot of thinking time on the same realisation. Being greeted, somebody liking the fact that you are there, is really nice.

    An unlooked-for but very real bonus in my line of work. Pilots & FAs, we number about 10.000. Every trip a new crew so the chance of meeting or working with someone you know is pretty slim. Trips are usually shortish, 3/4/5 days; not enough time for the normal slow dance of getting to know people.
    So to avoid loneliness in far away lands and to ease working together in confined spaces over prolonged periods, most of us develop the knack of instant intimacy.
    Topics discussed in the galley, over hotel brekkers, by the pool and at Starbucks are amazingly personal. Stuff you´d never DREAM of discussing with ´strangers´ or mere aquaintances in normal life.
    Add to that the bonding resulting from aversity in the form of on-board problems, delays, incidents down-route plus some really great parties and you are left with something pretty unusual.

    Out of the thousands of people you work with in the course of your career grows a group of special individuals. You might not remember their name, you might not remember what it was you flew together, but the moment you clap eyes on each other at the crew centre or down-route while handing over the aircraft, all your circuits light up with Feel Good. It´s screams of delight and hugs and kissing and banter, and for the blokes it´s backslapping and jokes. And kissing too.

    In the 20 minute course of reporting for duty at the computers, drawing your meal dollars from the ATM, putting the suitcase on the correct cart, getting your mail, flight brief, coffee and tax-free and doing the pre-flight briefing, you might have 2 or 3 of those encounters. A person whom you haven´t seen for god knows how many years expressing total delight at your sudden presence. Quick chat, quick fag, quick wry comment at the state of the company and all your reservoirs of self esteem get an instant re-fill.

    Best of all when you realise that you will be on the same trip. Bliss, ease and a deep sense of comfort and anticipation of companionship.

    Mutual enthusiastic appreciation and affection, generally not overly abundant in normal life, is wonderful, invaluable and pretty damn great.


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