May 14, 2009

Light As A Feather...

As you can see, I finally worked out how to add my Twitter posts (tweets?) to my blog. Not that they are that riveting, but anyway. I am such a noob, I was trying to think of a way to code it, but it turns out that Twitter just has an 'add to blog' button!

The turnaround ended up being ok. Half full on the way up, full on the way home. This flight is kind of notorious for a bit of misbehaving on the part of the pax, but they were ok this time. Jokey, and making mischief, but ok.

I bought a new rollaboard the other day. We get issued with company luggage, but have the option to purchase our own if we wish. I made do with the standard issue until now, but noticed on day trips that I needed something in between our tote bag, and our wheeled bag (which is bigger than passengers are allowed to bring on, because we do international trips)

My new one is so light! The company ones are heavy even empty, and by the time you pack even jeans, gym clothes and sneakers/trainers, it weighs a ton! let's not mention a laptop, book or any kind of company manual to study for SEP. Oh and the toiletries/makeup bag for the ladies!

So the new bag is a relief. I think I'll be trying to get away with carrying it ALL the time. Is strange how small it seems compared to the other one. I think it's onlly about 40cm tall. Wish I'd had this when I flew on the tiny planes- our tote bags would hardly fit under the seats, let alone our rollaboards! No 'buy your own' at that airline though!

The next week will see me doing a few 2 day trips and a couple of home reserves. So, need to catch up with paperwork, more SEP study and clean house!


  1. So, what kind of rollaboard did you buy?

  2. Study hard TT. I've got two exams come Monday too - Ughhhhhhhhh. I'll approach them the same way that I approach relationships i.e. I'll try and cheat!

    Enjoy yr Thur


  3. MB, funnily enough it was just a department-store issue bag, hadn't heard of the brand before but seems just as sturdy as some bags I've had before (which took a beating!) and at around forty bucks it was a steal! Just the size I was looking for, but couldn't find anywhere.

    L, good luck with that. You have to do exams for work? Or are we talking about something else here????? :P

  4. Work - stole the exam papers on the way out this eve - am attempting to bribe hot colleague with them!

  5. How do you fit everything in a 40cm bag??
    I use a 50cm expandable one and have trouble closing it on a 4 day trip! The expandable zip is always open! hehehe...and I'm a boy! lol!
    Unless you don't bring several changes of outfits and stilettos?
    ...and that doesn't include my little crew bag that has all my work stuff plus laptop!

  6. SHB, I bought it mainly for day trips. I like to be able to bring a change of clothes in case the aircraft decides to crap out somwhere like Newman or Mt Isa!


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